Digpro launches mobile application that simplifies the communication for network operators in real time

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- dpWebmap streamlines work with external resources in an accessible and user-friendly way, in real time

Digpro, the major innovator in the field of Geographic IT, is now launching a mobile application for its network information system (NIS). With dpWebmap meets Digpro network operators' strong demand for mobility and flexibility in their daily work with the management of different networks out in the field.

Digpro is with its 30 years in the industry a major innovator within geographic information technology and also the market leader in Scandinavia. Digpro provides solutions for electricity, telecommunications, gas, district heating, water and central and local government - in fact any organization that builds and maintains various types of networks. Digpro’s products enable users to streamline, save time and money, while improving the quality of its service.

A powerful mobile application
Now launched dpWebmap, a mobile application that makes network data available in an effective and accessible manner. With dpWebmap the network operators will efficient their communication with external resources in a simple and user-friendly way, and can visualize the correct information in real time to technicians in the field. With the addition Organizer Web the user can take in project status from the field, directly linked to the project area and its contents, build processes to external partners and restrict their access to information to only that which is necessary. This creates a controlled transparency internally and externally, and the work gets more efficient.

  • Digpro develop innovations within geographic information technology that creates value for our customers. It is about turning raw data into real benefits for millions of people. When the use of mobile applications is now increasing exponentially, we want to give our customers the ability to access vital data and information about their network wherever they are in the world. Digpro provides a powerful mobile strategy where dpWebmap and Organizer Web are powerful components for Digpro’s own platform dpSpatial”, said Christian Ledin, Go To Market Director at Digpro.

dpWebmap is a client that runs completely in the web browser with a responsive interface suitable for all platforms. It is available as a supplement to all Digpro’s utilities, i.e. for the whole dpSpatial platform, and is an excellent tool for making data available externally and/or internally. By using dpWebmap you can access the network and background data in any web browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

More on Network Information System (NIS)
Network Information System (NIS) is a system to manage networks, such as power grid information, water mains, gas network, telecommunication network, or street lighting network. NIS can handle all the tasks that are relevant to the network, for example, all the components and their attributes, the connection between them and other information related to the operation, design and construction of such networks.

For further information, please contact: Christian Ledin Go To Market Director, Digpro Phone: +46 (0)70 710 13 83 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Digpro
Digpro is a major innovator in geographic information (GIS) technology and market leader in Scandinavia. Digpro develops, markets and supports its own leading geographic information technologies for major industries within electricity, telecommunications, gas, district heating, water and central and local government - in fact, anyone who builds and maintains various types of networks.
Digpro has over 30 years experience in GIS technology. The company was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with about 95 employees. Among Digpro´s clients and partners you will find: ABB, Göteborgs Energi, E.ON and Stokab to mention a few. Read more at: or on LinkedIn.


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