Digpro will present at the INCA conference 2022

The INCA conference 2022 aims to celebrate a host of achievements, including the rapid development of AltNets. Digital infrastructure in the UK is changing, and record levels of committed investments contribute to a bright and exciting digital future. Still, numerous challenges must be considered, and additional focus of the INCA conference 2022 will be on these. Hence, delivery and execution of connectivity are to be addressed. Joel Pirard, Vice President Sales Telecom, will give a presentation at the conference. He will focus on the advantages of dpCom – a system in which project management, business processes and customer communication are collated in one. dpCom also provides superior support for planning and design, operation and maintenance of fiber networks.

The conference is held in the historic surroundings of Liverpool’s St. George’s Hall, 16-17 November.

The photo is by GeoffDrakeLiverpool – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0