Årjängs Nät AB chooses dpCom

Årjängs Nät offers its customers broadband connectivity up to 1000 Mbit/s, as well as broadband telephone connection. When needing to change systems, they looked at various Network Information Systems (NIS), before deciding to use dpCom as support for their daily operations.

Annelie Pettersson, who is the CEO of Årjängs Nät AB, is satisfied with the decision.

“We were looking for a user-friendly system with excellent support, and also that takes security, which is an important aspect for us at Årjängs Nät, into consideration. We also need continuity and quality in documentation work. dpCom meets our requirements and needs. We also have many partners who already use dpCom, so we will be able to support each, should questions arise,” Annelie explains.

Årjängs Nät is now preparing to migrate data from their current system to dpCom.

“We expect to receive good support and assistance from Digpro during the migration,” Annelie continues. “Once the migration is complete, we want Digpro to continue to be involved in the development, and to keep the system updated and functioning well in the future. At this point though, I am looking forward to starting our migration project.”

Joel Pirard, VP Sales Telecom, has participated in the procurement.

“At Digpro, we have developed processes, as well as functions and scripts for migrating data,” he says. “We are confident that Årjängs Nät will be satisfied with their dpCom, and we are very much looking forward to having Årjängs Nät as customers.”

Would you like to know more about dpCom? Contact Joel Pirard.

Picture of Årjäng: Årjängs kommun 

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