Digpro continues to supports the children of Ukraine

Children and families of Ukraine have endured pointless and escalating violence since the attack on this sovereign country one year ago. The war causes trauma, and has a horrific impact on the health and basic human rights of the children, with schools being destroyed and vital infrastructure damaged.

“At Digpro, we are truly sad”, says Jonas Edholm, CFO at Digpro. “As shocked as we were a year ago, that the peace of Europe was broken, as sad as we are today. Our donation to UNIFEC aims to provide some relief and bring hope for the estimated 7.8 million children that suffer because of the war.”

UNICEF states: “A year of escalating war has been devastating for families. UNICEF and partners are on the ground providing support for those in need.”

For further information about the futile situation and on how to donate, visit UNICEF – For every child.

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