Digpro welcomes Michael Brask as Sales Executive and Key Account Manager for Scandinavia

Michael Brask is educated in industrial finance at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), where he studied with focus on production technology. After his graduation, Michael worked as a developer of analytical instruments for water and sewer for a couple of years. During this time, Michael introduced an Enterprise Information System (ERP) to the company. The provider of this ERP system saw his potential, and consequently recruit him. Thus, Michael was introduced to sales. The next step in his career took him to Pitney Bowes, where he started to work with Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Before commencing his position at Digpro, Michael also worked at Metria, where maps and GIS are the core business.

“Maps fascinate me”, Michael relays. “Our brain is constructed to read information from images as well as from text and tables. It is easier to relate to the complex data related to delivering critical infrastructure for consumers when the maps are the foundation of the information. With the advanced software products that Digpro develop, it becomes easier for our customers to deliver a top-quality service for utilities such as fiber, electricity, water, gas and heating.”

Michael first learned about Digpro as a company back in 2010, when he started working with GIS.

“I was impressed with the solutions Digpro delivered, especially with regards to how data can be measured and analyzed. Critical infrastructure is an exciting business, where a lot is currently happening – the need for digital connectivity and the energy transformation, to mention a few. Additionally, I have heard so many positive things about Digpro. Customers and employees alike, everyone had good things to say about the company and its culture. When I was offered the position as Sales Executive and Key Account Manager, it was an offer I could not refuse. I have been greeted in the utmost wonderful manners, and I am not surprised that the staff turnover is very low.”

During and after Michael’s introduction, he will establish relations with Digpro’s customers, and participate in exhibitions and events.

”It is a challenge to learn about Digpro’s complex products and services. Hopefully, my experience in GIS, consultancy services and sales will be a valuable combination for this position. I am so looking forward to meet and greet our customers. The Vårmöte (annual spring meeting) in May will definitely be one of the highlights this spring.”

Michael Brask commenced his position at Digpro in February. To get in touch with him, kindly mail him at michael.brask@digpro.se.   

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