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New partnership launched to support rise of consolidation in UK fibre market

The predicted increase in consolidation between Altnets in the UK is a key driver behind the creation of a new partnership announced today between Digpro and UK telecoms advisors Hubbub Group.

“For us to be able to bring the value and purpose that we built with our long-standing customers in Sweden here to the UK, we needed a local expert who knows the market”, says Digpro Group CEO, Jonas Vestin. “That’s where Hubbub comes in”.

Hubbub’s new company, IX Hub, will build on Digpro’s 10 years of experience in Sweden to provide existing customers and the wider UK Altnet community with professional services and specialist support to help realise the efficiencies of dpCom, Digpro’s network information system (NIS) for fibre optic network operators. IX Hub will work with network builders and their investors to ensure that they know what assets they have, where they are, who is connected to them and, crucially, what their value is. Having all data associated with the network lifecycle stored in one system is vital to create and leverage efficiencies at every point in the planning, design, build and operation of a network. Additionally, it becomes especially significant and valuable if a business is being bought or merged with another.

The entire NIS process creates a dynamic Digital Twin of the network, which allows Altnets to accurately analyse their network data so that they can optimise their operational workflows, automate their design process and provide mobile tools for engineers in the field that allow real-time updates.

Jeremy Gray and Jonas Vestin meet frequently at the Digpro headquarters in Stockholm.

“The Digital Twin allows you to have complete visibility and control over everything that is happening within the network” says Hubbub Co-Founder and CEO of IX Hub, Jeremy Gray. “This will minimize and mitigate delays, obstructions, procrastinations, and so forth. It’s a win-win situation for the UK market, and we’re convinced that Digpro are the partners to work with”.

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Further information about dpCom is provided by Joel Pirard, VP Sales Telecom at Digpro.

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