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Five developers spent a week exploring new techniques and ideas, during which they learnt about and moved into new areas. Digpro Lab aims to explore and experience, and not least, to challenge previous truths.

Terese Oronez, Developer and Group Manager at Digpro, explains: “Digpro Lab is a week for innovation, during which we try out techniques or ideas. Teresa OronezThe techniques or ideas are suggested by anyone at Digpro, and are compiled into different projects. One project is chosen for each spring and fall, when Digpro Lab is held. The findings are presented in a report and in companywide meetings”.


The Digpro Lab team
One of many discussions during a week of exploring new areas.

Mikael Stener, Software Developer at Digpro, was part of the team, and happy to partake.

“My team and I looked into what different existing web technologies and frameworks that are available and suitable for Digpro, in order to enhance our web client experience. We created some small web apps with these technologies and frameworks, to get a sense of if they suit our needs. The goal of the project was very open ended, but we are satisfied with the outcome and what we achieved. Apart from the actual output, we learned a lot along the way. It was refreshing to start a new project with people we may not usually work with, and to dive deeper into technologies which we might not necessarily encounter in our day-to-day work.”

Lukas Mattsson, Allan Nouri and Mikael Stener on the Digpro terrace during a break.
Lukas Mattsson, Allan Nouri and Mikael Stener on the Digpro terrace during a break.

Digpro Lab is a much appreciated week which provides innovation for developers. The findings are documented for future roadmaps, and will be considered for further development.

Digpro Lab was held in the end of April, soon after the launch of Release 10.0. Do you want to learn more about working life at Digpro? Visit our career pages.

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