Pingday selects dpCom

Pingday, a subsidiary to Öresundskraft AB and Helsingborgs stad, will use dpCom in their aim to contribute to “a connected life in a smart society”. Pingday was looking for a Network Information System (NIS) which develops in step with the requirements of today’s fiber networks. Ann-Kristin Hansson, Network Information Engineer at Pingday, is pleased.

”The system we use today has been phased out for some time. Since I have worked with dpCom for twenty years, I am well familiar with its capacity. I know that dpCom is a modern NIS, well up-to-date with the needs of digitization and data management”, Ann-Kristin relays.

Ann-Kristin Hansson
Ann-Kristin Hansson has been a dpCom user for 20 years.

Ann-Kristin commenced working with dpCom back in 2003, then employed at Jönköping Energi. Nowadays, she is responsible for the implementation of dpCom and related modules at Pingday.

”During my years with dpCom, which in the beginning was mostly about documenting ducts and cables, I have seen how it has developed to the advanced NIS for fiber networks it is today. dpCom embraces what us suppliers need to know about the fiber network in order to provide our customers with top-quality connectivity. In Sweden, there is a tendency to work together for the greater good of fiber development. We all want the same – that a connected life should be available for everyone, at all times”, Ann-Kristin says.

During Ann-Kristin’s years as a dpCom user, she has established great contacts at Digpro.

“I appreciate that the development of dpCom really stems from the need of us users. Throughout the years, we have requested improvements, changes and even new functions. At Digpro, there is a responsiveness to our requirements. Thus, dpCom is a NIS that meets the needs of the user”, Ann-Kristin states. “I am looking forward to teaching dpCom to my colleagues. We are all experts in different areas, and when using the same system, everything becomes easier. With meticulous and correct documentation, we create a Digital Twin which visualizes our fiber network to the tiniest detail. Our goal at Pingday is to become the best local fiber network in Europe. We are getting there”, Ann-Kristin proclaims.

Pingday is currently in the migration process, during which Digpro supports. Pingday expects dpCom to be fully implemented this fall.

Do you want to learn more about dpCom? Contact Joel Pirard, VP Sales Telecom at Digpro. 

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