The 4th Utility builds fiber in properties with Digpro

The 4th Utility is a very expansive fiber operator that delivers fiber to apartment buildings in the UK. The plan is to connect 680.000 British households to fiber over the next 5 years. To be able to control this very fast expansion and to maintain high quality in the network model, The 4th Utility chose dpCom, Digpro’s solution for fiber.

Jeremey Gray, who is in charge of the planning, has a clear strategy to keep the entire life cycle of the network in the same system to ensure efficiency in all stages – from planning to operation. According to Jeremey, dpCom offers all the functionality they may need now and further on. He emphasizes the functionality of dpCom for fiber networks in apartment buildings, which he sees as unique in the market. “To have a future-proof system with continuous development provides a security that is very important to preserve the values ​​that The 4th Utility now builds,” says Jeremy.

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