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With Digpro’s network information system (NIS) for utilities and telecom, we empower our clients to truly understand and take control of even the most complex distribution networks by refining data and making it visible, accessible and actionable.


Created for efficiency

Our software combines detailed data of the connected infrastructure with geographic information and purpose-built business process support. This helps our customers to get a deeper knowledge about their network, to achieve better quality in their network model, and to create more efficient workflows. More reliable operations and ultimately improved services to end customers and society are the results.  

5 quick checkpoints for IT managers

1.  Enables rapid deployment of an enterprise-wide solution with a small footprint thanks to a web-based platform and open, standardized technology

2.  Provides easy upgrades, with most customers completing the software upgrade within hours up to a few days every 6-15 months

3.  Easily scales up thanks to zero client deployment

4.  Provides routine access by thousands of employees or third-parties

5.  Localizes and adapts to users with its multi-lingual interface and customization/configuration capabilities

A unique platform

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Advanced database technology & quality assurance algorithms

Digpro applications integrate the latest innovations in database technology. The advanced, distributed, web-based architecture, built-in GIS engine, and workflow management provide a highly effective tool to manage the big data of utilities of all sizes. All network objects are connected with respect to pre-built physical and logical design rules. Modules and components work together to create a robust, scalable, high-performance system.

Our solutions are built using advanced, purpose-built, quality-assurance algorithms that guarantee network data that is logical and verified from a network topology point of view.

This gives you the best assurance of high-quality, error-free network models and functions for advanced network calculations, solving a classic challenge for companies using generic GIS systems. The Digpro platform sets the standards for high-quality, advanced network planning and operation.

Detailed Multi-Utility infrastructure view

The Digpro baseline software has been designed and developed in tight collaboration with our customers and partners. With their valuable input, we continue evolving products tailored to serving the utility sector and telecom industry with mission-critical systems.

Our industry solutions offer support for network planning, modeling, design, analysis, simulation, network operations, and network maintenance. They provide robust automation of complex mission-critical, network-based systems.

So whether you are involved in planning, operations, or maintenance – or whether you work with gas, electrical, heating and cooling, water, waste water, or fiber telecom networks – Digpro can give you a solution fit for your needs.

Supported workflows include:

  • Automatic and semi-automatic planning and design mechanisms
  • Project management support for scheduling activities and resources
  • Updated status of activities and objects
  • Collaboration between back office and field crew
  • Capacity and bottleneck analysis of network objects
  • Fault/outage management to support customer communication and service
  • Planned maintenance

The Digpro base platform includes tools and methodologies to extract and process bulk import or incremental updates from external, legacy third-party systems and databases. We have nearly 30 years of experience migrating geospatial data from these types of databases.

To support customers deploying a Digpro GIS platform that will serve as the new master for geospatial and/or network data, and who already operate third-party or legacy OMS/DMS systems, we can set up either incremental or transactional updates between the systems.

Customers with existing and/or legacy systems can retain the value of that data by transferring it to Digpro applications. Where necessary, we can provide the needed technical support and services to migrate, transform, or shape existing geospatial data for use in your new systems. 

Those services include:

  • Support for many GIS data formats
  • Bulk and/or incremental data migration
  • Geographic and schematic views
  • Identify and update deltas
  • Synchronize attributes
  • Geo references
  • Consolidate, aggregate, convert, or transform data
  • Assure migrated data quality

As industrial and utility organizations increasingly rely on the web to connect their data sources, security is a top concern. Smart devices and sensors, connected via the Internet of Things, continue to expand the attack surface for potential intruders.

Defending your organization against cyber threats is a top priority for Digpro. We ensure the highest possible levels of security for our software products, systems, and services through an in-depth, multi-layer protection strategy. Some of the security measures in place include:

  • Documented initiatives, based on and/or aligned with accepted industry standards and practices, to build security into every step of our software development process, including design, implementation, verification, release, and training
  • On-going activities related to improving software security, including robustness testing, vulnerability scanning, and security testing that encompasses static code and/or binary code analysis
  • Industry-standard cryptographic tools and security functionality, including:
    – Cryptographic algorithms to hash, encrypt, or sign data for storage or transmission.
    – Protocols and procedures to support cryptographic algorithms (e.g., to exchange certificates, establish keys, or generate random numbers)
    − Functionality to authenticate end users or for access control
  • Proactively prevent malware propagation, primarily via scans of software deliverables and their storage/delivery media, using the most-current, appropriate antivirus tools
  • Properly handling and protecting all digital certificates used in software development to sign code or as a root to derive product-specific certificates

The Digpro software platform is highly secure, with data integrity and consistency guaranteed by constraints in the database and the authorization system. All users have unique security credentials, with updates done through “change sets” that allow for long transactions. All updates are verified to ensure compliance with the rules before they are executed. For example, it is impossible to post a cable “In Service” unless the connectivity component exists and shows where the cable is fed from. The authorization system is based on user privileges at a table and column level.

All Digpro applications and software products provide capabilities to integrate third-party security solutions such as firewalls, antivirus, network/host intrusion detection, and security monitoring. Digpro recommends that you leverage our partner network to secure your IT and automation systems with industry-standard malware and intrusion-protection solutions that include anti-virus protection and application whitelisting.

Main Features

  • All data (maps, schematics, asset registers, real-time information, etc.) is stored in the same open relational database with an object-based structure
  • Complete data models (network models) for different industry applications, including power, heating, gas, telecom, water and wastewater, and more
  • Unified information and data model for all relevant operations within the organization
  • Geographical maps, schematics, and drawings
  • Vector and raster support
  • Embedded workflow
  • Scalable from small to huge data/user volumes
  • Excellent performance
  • Transformation of geo-coordinates
  • Thematic mapping
  • Asset register
  • Topology/Tracing
  • Long transactions including revisions management
  • Export/Import and integration interface
  • All interfaces/functions accessible using web-based clients
  • Mobility via field apps
  • Powerful, rule-based editing
  • Support for templates, both organization-wide and user-defined
  • Embedded GIS functionality and project management/workforce management tools

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