Release 9.2

Including a new module to streamline maintenance processes in the field and many other improvements. Release 9.2 is available for customers from 27 April 2020

Highlights Release 9.2

Digpro proudly launches the new release of the Network Information System (NIS), Digpro 9.2. It’s built to help customers manage the total lifecycle of their network. With the new release, our customers will make their operations even more secure, flexible and productive.

WorkPlanner – Fully launched

In Digpro’s previous release 9.0 we introduced a new module – WorkPlanner. In release 9.2 we continue to launch new functionalities for WorkPlanner to secure even stronger business process support.

Highlights in WorkPlanner:

  • It is now possible to create planning scenarios (versions) and analyze the effects of these on the organization without affecting the current baseline. By the use of thematic graphics, changes are emphasized in the schema and become easy to see and understand.
  • WorkPlanner 9.2 includes powerful support for resource management. You are able to analyze resources and the demands of resources as well as equipment. This is done with the new efficient graphics-based functions for making allocations and assignments directly in WorkPlanner, it means that Digpro’s concept for resource management is very powerful.

Maintainer Webmap – New module

Release 9.2 includes a completely new module, Maintainer Webmap, whose main focus is to streamline the maintenance processes. A platform-independent client that allows the field workers to plan and execute the maintenance work directly in the field. They can access simplified tools and get powerful help via the map. The new module will also speedup tasks performed at the office. Since all data, such as remarks, photos, and other updates are collected in real-time, it allows the users to give and get feedback without delay.

The solution simplifies and makes everyday-tasks more flexible for all staff working in the field. Here are some examples of supported functionality in Maintainer Webmap:

  • Easy search for inspections and link them to an inspection round
  • Add remarks to an inspection (for example take a photo with the mobile phone and attach it directly to the remark)
  • Possibility to complete inspections
  • See and fix older remarks

dpCom enhancements

  • Support for using external infrastructure in the planning and design of the networks. External infrastructure typically means poles and/or ducts/pipes available from other network owners like power utilities or through open access from telecom companies.
  • Support for delivering the network elements at the property border. Property border points are automatically created and the design tools can be configured to deliver at that point and/or at the customer node. Cost calculations can be made with or without the cost of trenching on the property.
  • Support for pole-based network designs. Automation of connecting customer nodes to the closest pole, automation for connecting lines of poles and automation for placing cables/ducts/multiducts via the poles.


  • Analysis tool for error reports that makes a qualified guess on the faulty network object. This is either presented as a heatmap or as a list of candidates in order of suspicion.
  • Support for patching and splicing in the mobile client. Planned patches and splices are assigned to the field crew and when the patch or splice is done, it is noted in the mobile client and the back-office client is immediately updated.

Other important improvements

  • In dpWholeSale 9.2 have we introduced a completely new process, the direct order. This reduces the process for managing and delivering an order to a minimum, making the dpWholesale users even more efficient.
  • Analyzer: The unbalanced calculation can now be executed in a true java environment. Going forward, this will allow g smarter, faster, more stable, and innovative analysis and calculations.
  • Important news in Organizer Webmap is support for handling decision points and making decisions as well as the possibility to record “no-shows” when an activity cannot be performed.
  • Improvements in the user interface include the possibility to save and reload filter settings for the activity list and the automatic loading of when choosing an activity.
  • We have now full support for dpHeating with PostgreSQL.
  • dpHeating, dpWater and dpGas now use post checks that can show multiple errors.
  • We have done some enhancements in the area of security. This will make our solutions more secure and we recommend therefore all customers to upgrade to 9.2.


Release dates

Here you will find the upcoming release dates.

Version 9.4

Freeze date: 2020-09-24

First possible date for customer installation: 2020-11-09

Version 9.6

Freeze date: 2021-03-09

First possible date for customer installation: 2021-04-26