Release 10.0

Digpro continues to support business processes for the most vital parts of our society: telecom, power, water, gas and heating. With Release 10.0, a number of customer-requested enhancement are implemented, and a host of functionalities are improved.

Digpro is now launching Release 10.0

Digpro’s Release 10.0 comes with a number of new features, all related to our extensive support for business processes and network lifecycles management. The focus has been to strengthen and enhance our existing products and modules, mainly based on customer feedback. These highlights include a few examples of enhanced functionalities in Release 10.0.

Products and modules


  • dpPower Analyzer – A completely updated user interface for the module Analyzer, to enable full advantage of all advanced functionalities.
  • dpPower Operator – The operation row Descriptions includes the ID and name of the station/cable pillar in the opposite end of the line.


  • The schema output of the trace report is available directly in Webmap. When running the report, the user will be able to choose between compact or normal, and the user can select an existing trace report profile, which is helpful for field work.
  • Further support for importing network information from external systems, such as:
    – A report to identify misplaced cross sections in the network
    – Ability to move object within the route hierarchy
  • For the UK market:
    – A new thematic map showing Red-Amber-Green (RAG) status for PIA data
    – An additional tool for customer/prospect nodes on top of UPRN points copies all of the UPRN data fields into the created customer/prospect node


  • Extended support for CCTV inspections and profile generation.


  • Integration with Wideco for alarms.


  • A new report for more details about the network.

Digpro Process Automation

  • Many improved features in Workflow Studio.
  • Possibility to link a job, for example sending a message, to an activity in order to automate it in Automation Engine.

Core Announcement

  • Sorting is added to the Recipient tab, to make it easier to remove recipients from a specific street.


  • When an application is created from an existing installation, the delivery point is automatically linked to the task.

Operator OMM

  • Possibility to create templates that can be used for the field External note, which is published to Outage Map.


Possibility to set a position for an activity, useful for tasks that stretch over a big area, and the activities are spread within the task area. When objects are linked to the activity, the position for the activity is automatically set at the centre of the linked objects. If the activity has a position, this position is used in Organizer Webmap. Otherwise, it is the task position that is used.


When converting an inspection plan to a plan template, it is possible to select if the date for the next inspection should be based on the latest performed inspection and the interval in the new plan template. Checklist comments added to an inspection are copied to the next planned inspection, should the inspector wish to keep them. Else, the comment can be removed.

Maintainer Webmap

A quick button for creating remarks is added to the object card. With this button, the inspector can quickly add free remarks to objects from the map when working with an inspection task. The free remark form is opened on top of the activity form, so that the inspector can continue with the inspection when the remarks have been added.

Outage Map

The map automatically pans to the location after using Locate me or Search. The outage card is also opened, should there be an outage in the location. This makes the process of finding the queried information for easier end customers.

Digpro Platform

A number of UI/UX and technical enhancements. Including, but not limited to, as listed below.

User experience

Favorites enhanced with more capabilities, such as:

  • Creating and sharing favorites lists with others users.
  • Adding and editing an instruction text is possible.


  • Several enhancements, including new REST API’s.


  • Support for single sign on via Kerberos.

Hosted options

  • Support for a cloud database (RDS / Aurora) on AWS (Amazon).

Technical platform – Java 17

Digpro technical platform (dpSpatial) requires Java 17 or later. Digpro recommends Java 17, since it is the current Long Term Support (LTS) version. 

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Release dates

Version 10.2

Freeze date: 2022-09-21

First possible date for customer installation: 2022-11-07