Optimise your fibre network – from traditional GIS to Digital Twin

When: 7 Dec 2.00 pm – 2.40 pm GMT

For who: Network operators, planners, and designers focusing on the UK and Ireland

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A traditional Geographic Information System (GIS) is a great tool for visualising where assets in your fibre network are. Nevertheless, for a smooth transition between the phases of the network lifecycle and an efficient operation, a more holistic digital view of a network is required – a digital twin. In this webinar, we introduce dpCom, a software system that enables you to create a digital twin of your fibre network. With a digital twin, you get answers to essential questions which enable you to service your customers in a productive way:

  • Where are my assets?
  • What are my assets?
  • How are my assets connected?
  • Who is using what asset, and with which SLA?

dpCom supports all stages and stakeholders in the network lifecycle – from planning, design and building to operation. To mention a few features, dpCom provides:

  • highly scalable GIS
  • semi-automatic design tools
  • field applications
  • workflows
  • operational tools

All features are purpose-built for telecom networks. With a technology focusing on efficiency, mobility, quality and stability, your fibre network can take a huge leap into the concept of Smart Connected City. dpCom is developed in Sweden, a country where 95 percent of households and businesses have access to gigabit connections. Over half of Swedish operators trust dpCom to manage the lifecycle of their networks.