Crunching the numbers of solar panel applications

By Magnus Sjökvist

The two mega trends of the energy transition and the digital transformation are vital for us at Digpro, and it is no exaggeration to state that it is always on our minds. We pride ourselves in working for a better society – every hour of every day. When the successful collaboration between E.ON and Digpro resulted in the reduction of time for solar panel applications, we can give an excellent example of how digitizing data supports the energy transition. The collaboration resulted in automated processes for solar panel applications and operations. Let us look at how these automated processes are in favor of the energy transition, and crunch some numbers to prove the point.

What are the solar panel applications for?

Every end-customer who wishes to install and use solar panels first have to apply for this to the electricity distributor, this since the electricity distribution network has to be evaluated. In the evaluation, it is established whether the electricity network can take the load of the solar panel, or if adjustments are called for. Prior to the automated processes, this was a manual task, which required skilled staff. With the automated processes, these calculations are now done by an interaction between dpPower and E.ON’s system SAP. The waiting times from application to operation reduced significantly. From that the customer posted an on-line application to the automated process, which generates an approval or disapproval, the time is reduced from some 5 weeks to 5 minutes.

Before solar panels can be installed, numerous parameters have to be calculated, for example ensuring that the solar panel will not generate excessive loads on the electricity grid.

And how do successful solar panel applications support energy consumption?

Now, let us delve into the implications for energy consumption. In the upcoming year of 2023, Sweden is set to embark on approximately 100,000 new solar panel installations. Considering an average solar panel with a 10 kW installation, it generates approximately 800-1100 KWh per month. A significant boost in renewable energy can be achieved by expediting the approval process. Imagine if we could streamline the process for at least 50,000 solar panel installations through automation — this would translate to a substantial production of  50 GWh (where 1000 KWh*50000 solar panels = 50 GWh) of renewable energy. Indeed, this is a testament to the impactful outcomes achievable by accelerating these procedures.

To put this into perspective, a typical household consumes approximately 5,000 KWh per year. Therefore, the energy generated by this accelerated approval process could power a substantial 10.000 households for an entire year. This showcases the immense potential for sustainable energy transformation and the positive impact it can have on communities.

Every kilowatt counts

The environmental issues that we face today are daunting. But in this huge effort, everybody’s contribution counts. Using automations that saves this much time for staff and consumers alike, makes it a bit easier to think about it every day. Because these numbers really make a difference.

At Digpro, we have the technology that promotes the energy transition. dpPower has functions for planning and designing for new electricity distribution networks, analyzing and forecasting electric loads, to mention a few.

Facilitating solar panel installations without disrupting the stability of the grid supports a more sustainable electricity consumption.

Do you want to know how to optimize your electrical distribution network? Contact us for a demo.

Meet the expert
Magnus Sjökvist is Head of Product Management at Digpro, where he leverages his extensive software industry expertise to oversee the development of the entire product portfolio, Magnus Sjoberg whichMagnus Sjoberg includes dpCom, dpPower, dpWater, dpGas and dpHeating. Magnus earned his Masters of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping University. He is sincerely committed to the innovation of Digpro’s products and solutions.


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