The power of energy distribution

By Jonas Vestin

The energy transition is in progress, and there is a lot at stake. All over the world, an increasing amount of electricity is consumed, and the need for green energy has never been more urgent. The knowledge and technology for change is here, but so are different political contexts, conflicts of interest, and business priorities. Energy is politics. And politics is often slow, full of friction and short-term. Also, it is not for everyone. But energy is also power, connectivity and speed. Unfortunately, this too is not for everyone. Nevertheless – the energy transition is a global issue, and energy democracy is worth fighting for.

Moving towards clean energy

In addition to taking the necessary steps to affordable and clean energy, we also have increase amount of energy produced today. It is daunting, since energy is so closely connected to politics, thus inevitably considered complicated. Still, certain things can be uncomplicated. And these are a few things that we do at Digpro to speed things up.

Driving forces in the energy transition

Let us first establish two (of many) major motivators in the energy transition:

  • Environmental issues – fossil fuels are harmful to every country in the world. Clean energy sources are needed to stop climate changes.
  • Energy independence – most countries in the world strive to close any co-dependencies that they might have. It is also easier to change smaller than larger things. Thus, national changes are easier to drive than international ones.

Both are time sensitive, and affect us from the greater picture down to the individual. They also involve creating new energy, where building electric networks that can carry the load is in the focal point. But we can use the energy we have today, if we use it in smart ways. And to find the smart ways, the involvement of technology and digitalization is vital.

Electric distribution network
With meticulous documentation, an electric distribution network is used to its best capacity.

Documenting, analyzing and optimizing the electric distribution network

Digpro develops systems that support documentation which is used for analyzing and optimizing electric distribution networks. With meticulous documentation, spanning from utility to consumer level, the electric network can be visualized. This visualization, the Digital Twin, is the foundation of understanding when and where the consumption peaks and dips. The information is collated from smart electric readers, and can be analyzed in order to optimize the electricity distribution. dpPower, our Network Information System (NIS) has supported electric distribution companies for over 30 years. It has always provided our customers with cutting edge solutions that enable for energy distribution to be delivered and consumed in smarter ways – both for the distributor and the consumer.

Digpro provides NIS for fiber, electricity, heating, water and gas. For electricity, one of many advantages is that the collated data contributes to understanding production and consumption of electricity.

Empowering the energy transition with speed

Speeding things up is also about efficiency, making priorities and leading a general sense of urgency towards greater synergy. It is about doing our part in the bigger picture, so that others can do theirs. We have the NIS with digital solutions and features with which a real difference can be made. Nevertheless, the greatest speed is the one we generate together: connecting infrastructure, accessing network, empowering transport, decreasing charging times and enabling innovation. Leading the way is nothing new to us. We have always been an enabler – from the digitization of utility programs in the early 90’s to making data visible, accessible, and actionable for utilities and telecom today. Empowering the energy transition with increasing speed is our commitment. That is our promise to customers, ourselves, and the world we share.

Meet Jonas Vestin

Jonas VestinJonas Vestin is Group CEO at Digpro. He succeeded Bo Lundgren, who was one of Digpro’s founder, in 2019. With over 28 years’ experience of software products and services, with various managerial positions in Sweden and abroad, he currently focuses mainly on Digpro’s international expansion. Jonas has an Executive MBA in finance from ENPC School of International Management in Paris, and a Bachelor’s degree in systems science from Uppsala University in Sweden.

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