The marketplace for fiber assets

Utilizing existing infrastructure for fiber rollout

Fibe-X (Fiber Exchange) is developed to efficiently trade fiber related assets. This benefits buyers who want to leverage available infrastructure rather than building their own, and sellers who want to maximize revenue from their existing assets. The product is the outcome of a close and successful collaboration between Digpro and the Swedish Local Fibre Alliance (Svenska Stadsnätsföreningen, SSNF).

Supporting fiber rollout

Fibe-X has been vital in creating efficiency in the Swedish fiber market. Today, Sweden has a 95 percent coverage of 100 MB fiber, aiming for a 98 percent coverage of 1GB in 2025. Fibe-X is built on Digpro’s core competencies of GIS and business process support. It has been in service since 2014, and is continuously developed to a streamlined asset trading platform for fiber infrastructure, which ensures swift and secure business transactions. The current trend is to automize the trade through the available API’s. This includes bulk inquiries and automatic feedback, as well as instructions to and from CRM, OSS, BSS and ERP systems.

Adaptable for different markets

Fibe-X can be set up for an entire market, which currently is the case for Sweden, UK and Germany. It can also work for a larger trading party, buyer or seller – or both. Products and workflows are tailored according to market requirements.

Benefits of Fibe-X

For buyers

Fibe-X allows buyers to search for products at the geo-location of interest through the easily navigated interface. Thereby, the buyer gets full transparency of the market. Trades are efficiently executed based on standardized agreements and with quick response times. Fibe-X delivers better coverage, faster and at a lower cost.

For sellers

Fibe-X provides sellers with an interface for fiber asset sales. With clearly defined fiber assets, trades can be efficiently made through the central workflow of Fibe-X. The communication between buyer and seller is documented and archived with the contract once a deal is closed. Fibe-X provides better utilization of fiber assets and new revenue opportunities.

For the fiber market

Fibe-X provides transparency for available fiber assets and efficiency in transacting them. For the fiber market, this means that coverage targets can be reached sooner and at a lower cost.

“There is an incredible business potential in using existing fiber infrastructure”

“In Sweden, we are close to a 90 percent digital connection, and this is in a country with vast rural areas. Every fiber provider does not have their own fiber network in the ground – building new fiber networks is cumbersome and expensive, and inevitably has an impact on the environment. Therefore, using existing infrastructure is a win-win for everyone involved. Buyers and sellers of fiber assets benefit from utilizing what is already out there. For densely populated countries, where street furniture and existing pipes can be used to provide end customer with a top-quality service to a fair price, there is an incredible business potential in using existing fiber infrastructure.”

Mikael Ek, CEO at the Swedish Local Fibre Allicance (Svenska Stadsnätsföreningen, SSNF)

Key components of Fibe-X for fiber assets trading

Fibe-X is a technical platform which enables transparency and efficiency for both buyers and sellers of fiber assets. It comprises of fiber products, as defined by the buyers and sellers, and traded through a workflow or an API. All communication between buyer and seller is archived in the system.

Defined products

Products can be defined between buyers and sellers in accordance with the needs of the market.


Geo-locations of products

Finding the products through addresses or geo-coordinates through and easy to use interface or through API’s.


Legal contracts

Products are defined through Service Level Agreements (SLAs), as well as terms and conditions. Through the trading contracts that buyers and sellers sign with Fibe-X, one contract enables business transactions between multiple buyers and sellers.



A workflow manages the processes from inquiry, quote to order and contract.



All communication in the workflow regarding a transaction and its contracts can be traced.



A consolidation service, where the buyer receives one invoice from all active contracts with all sellers and the sellers receive one payment from Fibe-X, is under development.

Download customer case

Read about the successful collaboration between The Swedish Local Fibre Alliance and Digpro.

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