Collaborate across departments, streamline operational processes, and achieve higher performance with Digpro solutions for utilities.

Easily implement

Digpro offers rapid implementation of reliable, purpose-built industry solutions that improve the user experience and enhance operational efficiency.

When you implement Digpro solutions, you can customize the process via a phased, step-by-step deployment of new functionality and technology. We have fine-tuned and enhanced the implementation process over many years. This ensures that your new Digpro solution will be up and running on time and within budget, with transparency and control throughout the process.

Learning, the quick and convenient way

With our online learning materials, you get continuous access to training materials and classroom training or tutorials. This way, your employees get role-based training that will rapidly enhance their skills and their ability to fully leverage the system’s capabilities.

We partner with you for a successful implementation process

Here’s how it works. First, a Digpro project manager assembles a team of individuals with the specific skills and experience required for a successful implementation.
In cooperation with the customer’s designated contact, our project manager then manages the workflow, ensuring that all work is performed according to our proven methodology, the contract and agreed-upon expectations. The result? On-schedule, on-budget completion.
The project governance relies on a steering committee, including customer and Digpro sponsors. Regular project status meetings and routine reporting keep all parties informed about progress, potential risks, and possible deviations from the schedule or budget. Proactively identifying potential issues or stumbling blocks enables them to be resolved or removed.
The generic delivery model for implementing large projects typically consists of the following high-level milestones:

  • M1 Project start-up
  • M2 Design completion or ready for implementation
  • M3 Factory acceptance testing (system is installed and basic configuration done)
  • M4 Provisional acceptance testing (system is ready for commissioning)
  • M5 Commissioning (system go-live)
  • M6 Acceptance of delivery

Releases – rapid and reliable

After a Digpro solution is successfully implemented, we offer two releases per year. Upgrading to a new release is easy. We use an established routine for a rapid release. For you as a customer, it takes just a few hours. We usually upgrade clients within 2 weeks after the order.

Training at customers

We can offer trainings at our customers’ offices if this is wished. Please contact us for an offer.