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Five reasons why you should move from GIS to NIS

Many utility network providers rely on a traditional GIS to support their network. There is also the option to really take control of a network. With the advanced support of a NIS, you will gain detailed information about your assets, and understand how this information creates a sustainable service and business.

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Placing reliable and sustainable fiber networks on the map

The world is changing, and it is changing fast. We stay connected, and the Internet is our platform. Without reliable and sustainable fiber networks, it would not be possible.

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Solving electric outages with the support of a Digital Twin

Electricity, and all we can do thanks to the supply of it, is a natural part of our everyday lives. Should an outage occur, electric network operators can get invaluable support for field engineers, customer support staff and end-customers.

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Power up your electric network with a Digital Twin

In the modern world, we use more electricity than ever. Not only because we have more devices – it is also one of the most environmentally friendly ways to power up our days.

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The journey from GIS to Digital Twin

The journey from traditional GIS to Digital Twin

Do you want to enhance the productivity of your fibre network, whilst securing quality and efficiency? With a digital twin, you take full control of your data.

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Five reasons to digitilize your field crew

Five good reasons why you should digitalize your field engineers now

Are your plotted network schematics already outdated when they leave the office? Do you spend too much time synchronizing plans and documentation? Then you probably need to digitalize your field engineers.

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