Placing reliable and sustainable fiber networks on the map

By Barbara Schoell

The world is changing, and it is changing fast. One megatrend which will affect all of us is the digitalization of almost everything. This is since long ago a rapid development, which got a further push during the pandemic. And it is not likely to reduce in speed now. For most of us, staying online is not only the way to stay in touch – it is also a huge part of how we conduct our lives. Today, colleagues, friends and families stay connected, with the Internet as our platform.

Digitalizing Europe

We are in the midst of the digital decade, and the EU has consequently set a number of targets for 2030. Primarily four areas are in focus: government, skills, infrastructures and business.

Four target areas of the EU - government, skills, infrastructure and business
In accordance with the digital development, the EU claims to “empower businesses and people in a human-centered, sustainable and more prosperous digital future”.


Whilst there are many and vast areas for European governments to still get online, there are a couple worth looking a bit closer at. Public services, as well as e-health, are to be 100 percent on-line, to serve citizens from a screen of their choice. Digital identity is another strong factor. The goal is that 80 percent of our identity is to be validated by digital devices. The pandemic, and the potential requirement of vaccination passports, is a contributing factor to getting a digital identity service available.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills

ICT skills, both for competent users, and the specialists who develop user-friendly, secure and reliable software is another point on the European agenda. By 2030, a minimum of 80 percent of the European population are to have basic computer skills. And none less than 20 million citizens need to be ICT specialists, to develop the growing demand of software systems and digital accessibility.

Digpro develops software for reliable and sustainable fiber networks
As part of shaping Europe’s digital future, the EU will promote digital skills, for both professionals and end-users.

Secure and sustainable digital infrastructures

Nothing in a modern and smart society will work without a reliable infrastructure. Therefore, a set goals of the European Union is Gigabit for everyone. 5G is to be available everywhere, whether in rural or densely populated areas. The infrastructure in every European country has to be safe and secure, protecting us citizens, and the data we use. Access to durable broadband is part of this. We need do all the things we do on-line, in a safe environment. Today, the most reliable broadband available is fiber networks. And there is a dire need to keep building it.


For all businesses, keeping up-to-date technically is crucial. Without a great website, with a number of digital services, it is easy for businesses to be dismissed. Technical solutions for customers and employees are vital. By 2030, 75 percent of EU companies are using cloud solutions, AI and big data. There is a growing number of scale ups, and financing to double the EU Unicorns. More than 90 percent of SMEs reach at a least a basic level of digital intensity.

Building and supporting sustainable fiber networks

A lot will happen in the fiber market in the coming years. Fiber networks are built and implemented, getting the European nations connected and digitalizing how we live. With this greatly called for rollout of fiber networks, planning, administration and maintenance are crucial to succeed. At Digpro, we contribute to this extensive development with dpCom, a software for fiber network owners. This is a reliable network information system, which allows you to keep track of fiber network data – from the overview, down to the key details. With dpCom, you will have process-support for planning, designing and maintaining fiber networks.

Our foundation is digital maps. Our excellence is the data connected to them. A Digital Twin, telling you what and where the fiber network data is. Why there might be something inconsistent, and how you in the most appropriate manner can improve it. We support your fiber network business. The processes, challenges and successes. We help you to provide a trustworthy fiber network service. Thereby, fiber network owners can make sure that colleagues, friends and families in Europe are connected.

Are you ready to place your fiber network business on the map? Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts for a demo.

Meet the expert


Barbara Schoell is Head of Marketing at Digpro since 2019. She holds a Master degree in Intercultural Communication from Saarland University in Germany, and has been working in various sales and marketing roles.

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