About Digpro

Know your network. Through its lifecycle. Navigated by Digpro.

Switch on a light, and most likely one of Digpro’s solutions or a similar one is behind the network that delivers the electricity to you. Our products support essential public services, yet remain invisible to you as a consumer. But what we do is crucial for efficient planning and maintenance of huge networks that we all rely on every day.

With Digpro’s network information system (NIS) for utilities and telecom, we empower our clients to truly understand and take control of their most complex distribution networks. We make data visible, accessible and actionable.

Founded in 1989, Digpro is a Nordic market leader with a growing global presence and strong expansion in the telecom fiber deployment and electrical power distribution segments. In addition to electric utilities and telecom companies, we provide products for network planning and operations for gas utilities, water and wastewater utilities, and district heating utilities.
Digpro’s products play a vital role in the digitalization of utility supply and in the evolution of smart cities. Network owners and operators worldwide use Digpro’s software to manage their infrastructure and business processes. With tools and functionalities for planning, design, building, and operations, Digpro offers end-to-end solutions throughout a network’s lifecycle.

Our software in brief

Our software combines detailed data of the connected infrastructure with geographic information and purpose-built business process support. This helps our customers to get a deeper knowledge about their network, to achieve better quality in their network model, and to create more efficient workflows. More reliable operations and ultimately improved services to end customers and society are the results.  

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