Empowering electrical distribution

Take control of your electricity network and deliver outstanding services

dpPower for electric utilities

Plan, design, operate and maintain your electrical distribution network

How you benefit

Why Digpro for electric utilities

Digpro offers a highly scalable and robust network information system tailored for your success.


Improve utility network reliability and efficiency

With dpPower’s built-in distribution and outage management functions, you can shorten downtimes, improve outage KPIs and simplify reporting.


Empower your field engineers

Detailed electricity network information, dispatched work orders, project documentation and operational switch orders on mobile devices – securely and in real-time.


Increase and share knowledge of your electricity network

dpPower gives your entire organization access to accurate, consistent, current electricity network information – one single version of truth.  


Streamline and optimize your entire business

dpPower’s advanced electricity network modelling give utilities the platform to design, implement and operate electricity network in a safe, reliable and optimal manner.

Network Lifecycle Management

Digpro Network Lifecycle Management solution enables electric utilities to plan, design, implement, operate, and maintain their networks and assets efficiently and transparently.

Plan & Design Generate electricity network plans and create optimized realistic designs, saving time and resources.

Build Gain control of all activities during the building and commissioning of your electricity network.

Operate Streamline critical processes, from customer connection to outage management and maintenance.

Maintain Streamline inspection and maintenance with support for post network status or risk analytics.

Refine your network documentation in every phase

Key features in dpPower


"Digpro´s system has over the years made our grid planning, operations, and maintenance work more efficient and the quality of our asset data has improved."

Kristina Engström, Head of Operational IT, E.ON Sweden 

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