Operational Reliability

Project, work and resource management

Manage projects, plan resources, and improve collaboration between teams

Power utilities often run many different projects at the same time – from building new stations to putting new lines into the ground to maintenance work. Gaining an overview of all current and planned projects, where they are located, and who will perform the work, is challenging.

Digpro offers a complete, integrated project management tool within the dpPower application, for full control of your projects and tasks, so you can save both time and money.

Project management together with a powerful GIS engine for utilities

Our graphical planning tool is inspired by the classic Gantt chart, where tasks and work blocks are visualized on a time scale. Zoom in dynamically – from a high-level yearly planning to detailed daily activities.

What you can do with dpPower project management:

  • Visualize work structures (projects, tasks and activities)
  • Simulate different planning scenarios
  • Allocate resources on all levels
  • Search and present work by criterions
  • Reorganize work by functions

Your benefits:

  • Optimize your productivity by understanding workloads and patterns
  • Align your project plans across departments – and even across utilities
  • Optimize your workforce load
  • Keep the geographic overview of projects with a project management connected to your GIS
  • Minimize the number of different IT tools and run your business more smoothly
  • Become more flexible when changes happen

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