Day-to-day Management

Electricity network operations

Advanced distribution and outage management system with fault location, isolation, and restoration support

With the dpPower Network Operations module, utility operators can visualize, manage, analyze, and optimize their electricity distribution networks. dpPower utilizes a common electricity distribution network model for all DMS/OMS applications.

It greatly simplifies system maintenance by eliminating the need to build, maintain, and synchronize multiple data models. When integrated to a SCADA system, the single dynamic distribution model means that dpPower always accesses the as-operated state of the electricity distribution network, with the current location and state of switching devices, capacitor banks, and customer loads.

Two main components of dpPower Network Operations are the Distribution Management System (DMS) and the Outage Management System (OMS).

Key Distribution Management System (DMS) features:

  • Electricity network connectivity and topology analysis: A continuous electrical topology processing of the electricity network based on real-time operating conditions. The actual electricity network connectivity state is based on the as-built electricity network connectivity mode, combined with the statuses of the electricity network switching devices. Dynamic network coloring of energized, deenergized, and earthed (grounded) elements of the electricity network is available.
  • Load flow and fault analysis calculations
  • Fault location calculation: A fault-distance calculation of two- or three-phase short circuits, both manual or automatic, from the SCADA system.
  • Fault location, isolation, and supply restoration (FLISR): Tools that detect the location of faults, isolate them, and restore power to de-energized customers. They calculate probable fault locations by analyzing the fault pattern and available real-time information acquired from field devices, including, fault-indicator outputs. FLISR can be used in manual or semi-automatic mode.


Key Outage Management System (OMS) features:

  • Trouble, error call, and AMI status processing: Records trouble calls and smart meter events, maintaining a real-time image of the currently active calls, smart meter events, and callbacks. Based on the time sequence and identified location of trouble calls and/or meter events, the outage location prediction engine estimates the most probable location of the involved disconnecting device or outage location.
  • Outage management: Supports resolution of unplanned and planned outages. Core functions include the outage location prediction engine, switch order planning and execution, customer announcements (call-ahead and call back lists), and field engineer communication and dispatch.
  • Switch order management: Provides tools for managing manipulations of various elements of a power system. The framework includes a wide set of functionalities used for creation, planning, display, modification, maintenance, validation, and execution of switching actions.
  • Online outage reports and analysis: Calculates outage reliability indices such as SAIDI, SAIFI, CAIDI, and CAIFI.


SCADA – System Control and Data Acquisition

SCADA is not a native capability of Digpro applications but is often integrated or provided by a Digpro partner. It includes features for data acquisition (indications and measurements), substation/distribution automation system interface, and inter-control-center interface.


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