Electricity network documentation and electricity network model

Document, view and understand the electricity network structure and topology with enhanced tools and reports.

Available functionalities:

  • GIS functionality to capture, store, change, analyze, manage, plot, and visualize spatial or geographic data. Geographical, schematic, and auto-generated schematic maps and map products are supported.
  • NIS functionality to create, design, document, and visualize the electricity network (grid), supporting modeling of any type of electricity network, including street lighting and signal networks. All voltage levels, from high to low, are supported, with the ability to model meshed or radial, and single or multiphase, grids with separate representations of neutral and/or earthing (ground).
  • Electricity network connectivity and topology analysis with topology tracing of the as-built network. dpPower performs topological tracing from a user-selected point in the electricity network, and highlights the elements encountered on the path. Tracing methods include: trace upstream, downstream, all connected electricity networks, trace to voltage source, and trace voltage level.
  • Customer data repository with the ability to store electrical meter and subscription (commercial) data as well as customer connection point data. This data can be shared with other system components.
  • Analytical reports with geospatial queries and visualization tools.
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