A compass for smart society infrastructure

A compass for smart society infrastructure

By Jonas Vestin, Group CEO

At Digpro, our vision is to be the compass for smart society infrastructure. Everyday, we work with something more than just IT systems – we develop solutions that help infrastructure network owners to distribute the most important utilities of society: telecommunication, energy, water, gas and heating. Should the delivery of these fail, it does not take long for societies to suffer severe consequences. Together with our customers, we at Digpro do not only contribute to functioning everyday lives, but also try to find ways for our products and solutions do things better and smarter, thus ensuring a better and smarter future. This is what matters for us at Digpro – we are a compass for smarter society infrastructure.

Expanding presence with expertise for each customer

We enjoy over 30 years of success on our home market, Sweden. Currently, we are expanding our global presence, introducing more of our products internationally. Our experts span from entrepreneurs with extensive industry knowledge to local utility specialists, as well as from product managers who grasp the greater picture, to technical experts, who know the granular details of computer code. All of this comes together in how we do things: the structure, the process, the methodology, the templates, the tools. We find purpose-built solutions for each individual customer – with a user-friendly interface, and support for every step in the network lifecycle and business process. Our customers are loyal, with an average lifespan of over 15 years, and we have more than 50 000 users across the world.

Global reach with a local focus

To accommodate for the local markets in each country where our products are used, we have collaborations with companies and expert consultants. Therefore, we call ourselves “global”, global and local. In the Digpro teams, we have extensive international experience, and 55 full time employees supporting customers with implementation, advice and consulting.

Digpro's NIS system user interface
One of the unique things about Digpro’s system is that it is one and the same for all utility networks: telecommunication, energy, water, gas and heating. Included is also process support for all stakeholders. This is what makes it a Network Information System (NIS), as opposed to a Geographic Network System (GIS).


A Network Information System (NIS) with one platform and a modular setup

Digpro’s offering is not just about the geography. It is about the whole utility network, and everything related to it: infrastructure designing, planning, building, operations and maintenance, and to do this with integration and interoperability across utilities. With the same platform, we collate the network documentation, and visualize everything with the geographical maps. With our NIS, you create a Digital Twin, which represents the operational technology of the infrastructure. With this Digital Twin of the infrastructure, you can really engineer the network before going out and doing it in the real-world, from the network infrastructure to the details of the assets, never leaving out the interest of all stakeholders.

NIS for mobility supports both inhouse staff and field engineers.
Modules for mobility, used for a variety of fieldwork and the ability to access data at all times, inside or outside the office walls are available.

The system has great number of modules. This allows you to select and expand your uses, still keeping all information and data in one, and everyone working in it will be familiar with the user interface.

Support for digital connectivity and smart electricity consumption

Covid-19 challenged the world, and also proved the importance of reliable broadband connection. With families working from home, the need for bandwidth increased. I am proud to know that dpCom contributed to helping education institutions and businesses to keep going during the lockdowns. I am also pleased that dpPower helps electricity providers to estimate the supply and demand of electricity, contributing to a more sustainable electricity consumption.

A fiber asset marketplace for efficient fiber rollout

Currently, after years of success on the Swedish market, we introduce Digpro FIX to the international market: a technical platform for Open Access and trading of access to fiber and other telecommunication assets. Digpro FIX saves fiber providers from the cumbersome process of building new fiber and telecom infrastructure, whilst being able to provide a top-quality service for end customers. This by utilizing existing fiber and telecom assets.

These are only a few examples of how Digpro contributes to sustainable utility networks, and to a better and smarter world. We are a compass for smart society infrastructure.

dpCom, dpPower, dpWater, dpGas and dpHeating are all part of the same NIS for utility networks, and can be used independently or in combination. Digpro FIX is a technical platform for transparent trading of fiber assets. Do you want to learn more about how our software system contribute to a better and smarter society? Please contact one of our engineers for a demo.

Meet Jonas Vestin
Jonas VestinJonas Vestin is Group CEO at Digpro. He succeeded Bo Lundgren, who was one of Digpro’s founder, in 2019. With over 28 years’ experience of software products and services, with various managerial positions in Sweden and abroad, he currently focuses mainly on Digpro’s international expansion. Jonas has an Executive MBA in finance from ENPC School of International Management in Paris, and a Bachelor’s degree in systems science from Uppsala University in Sweden.


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