Digpro welcomes Sandviken Energi AB as a new customer

Sandviken Energi AB is an energy company which is owned by Sandviken Municipality, and is in charge of extensive district heating, electricity, and fiber networks. To support the daily operation of these utility networks, Sandviken Energi has chosen to implement dpHeating, dpPower, and dpCom. Digpro will deliver the advanced Network Information System (NIS), providing the same platform to support all three utility networks.

“For us, dpHeating, dpPower, and dpCom will be among the most important components in our IT environment at Sandviken Energi. We have carefully chosen the most suitable system for documenting our utility networks for district heating, electricity, and fiber. We are looking forward to this exciting project, which will be executed together with Digpro,” says Tony Johannesson, Business Strategist at Sandviken Energi AB.

Representatives from Digpro are also looking forward to the collaboration.

“We are extremely pleased that Sandviken Energi has chosen our system to support their daily operations,” confirms Michael Brask, Sales Executive and Key Account Manager Scandinavia, who has been involved in the procurement process. “By consolidating all data related to the various networks into one system, Sandviken Energi will gain many advantages. During the data migration, we can ensure that all data is accurate. Consequently, efficiency will increase, coordination between different departments will improve, data quality will be secured, and decision-making processes will be clarified. In the long run, this will lead to significant cost savings. Since Digpro already has many customers in Scandinavia, we know that our NIS provides network owners with comprehensive support for project management, customer communication, automations, and much more.”

The project has commenced, and representatives from Digpro are on-site in Sandviken to develop a detailed project plan. If you want to learn more about Digpro’s NIS, contact Michael Brask.

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