Digpro’s Norwegian team expands

Digpro is not only gaining new customers in Norway, but also new colleagues. Joining the Norwegian team are Marit Beiermann and Ragnar Norrheim, both NIS Consultants.

Marit, who is educated in electrical engineering (maritime electrical automation), is happy to become part of the Norwegian team.

“I have worked as an electrician for many years, building the electrical and instrumental parts for platform modules at various shipyards around Norway”, Marit relays. Marit Beierman“Most of my career, I have worked with various Network Information Systems. Many companies that I worked for changed to Digpro’s system, and I really liked the products. I was attracted to Digpro as a company as well, and decided to join as an employee. Now, I hope to learn the products really well and support the customers that I work with and for.”

Ragnar has a degree in electrical engineering, and has also taken several courses in software development and database administration. Having noticed Digpro for some time, he is pleased to now be an employee.

“My experience includes various positions at power and network companies in Norway. For the past 20 years, I have worked in different IT companies specializing, in solutions for electrical distribution networks. I have held positions within support, consultancy, sales, development and product management”, Ragnar says. “My background is a good fit for Digpro, and I endeavor to become a dpPower specialist, and a useful resource for Digpro.”

Both Marit and Ragnar are looking forward to learning more about Digpro’s products. They will both participate at the yearly Digpro conference, during which Digpro colleagues from various countries will meet up in Copenhagen for a couple of days of presentations and social activities.

Marit and Ragnar will both be based in Norway. For further information about dpPower, please contact Marit or Ragnar.


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