Working at Digpro – Marit, Natalie and Helen

At Digpro, we develop an advanced Network Information System (NIS) which supports distributors of critical infrastructure. We are proud of our achievements, and that our systems really make a difference for our customers. Marit, Natalie and Helen, who all are part of making Digpro a successful tech company, shares some thoughts about what it is like to work here.

Marit Beierman – NIS Consultant, interested in technology

“My job at Digpro is very versatile. Currently, I am part of a migration project where data from one system is moved to ours. I make sure that the customer is well taken care of in terms of training, support and configuration. Being Norwegian in a Swedish company, with English as the corporate language and a multi-language system, I also help out with creating manuals and various translations. I am interested in NIS-systems and that kind of technology. At Digpro, we have many exciting software products. I enjoy being part of the process of helping customers getting a new system in place, and to be part of a large and knowledgeable environment. When not working, I like to keep fit by going for walks or exercising. I also like to renovate, and spend time with my family and friends.”

Natalie Ekroth – Product Owner, committed to innovation


“As a Product Owner, I oversee various modules, with a primarily focus on work management. Each day, my goal is to ensure that our products provide maximum value to both existing and potential customers. This involves, for example, strategic feature prioritization, continuous feedback gathering for product improvement, and frequent demos and presentations to showcase our offerings. At Digpro, there is a sense of commitment to innovation. I have the opportunity to collaborate with talented individuals, and contribute to cutting-edge solutions in the world of critical infrastructure. It is also an inclusive work culture. When I am not working, I cherish spending quality time outdoors with my dog and partner. Nevertheless, most often, I am at the stable with my horse. We compete at an advanced level in dressage, so a lot of time is committed to training.”

Helen Skrifvare – Group Manager, passionate about maps


“I am Group Manager for ten colleagues at Digpro, and also project and customer manager for (mainly) new customers. Additionally, I am responsible for our training and education. We offer both on-site and digital training, for our products and modules. I also write configuration and SQL queries for the application, and support both colleagues and customers in any way I can. My passion for maps led me to Digpro, and I have been here for 16 years now. I enjoy that I keep learning, and trying new things over the years. Outside of work, I sing in a pop choir. I also spend time with my family, and I really enjoy baking.”

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