Mobile client

Digpro’s mobile client – seamless communication in real-time, any time

Efficient collaboration between the control room, administration, and field engineers often presents a challenge for utilities. From the board room to the control room, you need clear information and communication in all directions and at any time – before an assignment providing clear instructions what needs to be done, when the team is actually performing tasks on the spot in case there is a problem or question, and afterward for reporting and updating documentation.

Fully connected fiber network information, right in your pocket

Digpro’s mobile client gives your field engineers not only access to a digital map, but to all necessary fiber network information and information about the tasks. Empower your offsite teams and let them work with the complete depth of your connected fiber network data.

For secure, seamless collaboration between the control room, back office, and field engineers

With Digpro’s mobile solution, you can view and update fiber network information easily and in real-time. It comes with great usability and powerful tools customized to the needs of your field operations. All communication is processed considering the highest demands on security using two-step-authentication and the latest encryption technology. Advanced user and permission management lets you decide which tasks to assign and how to perform them offsite.

How you benefit

  • View and update fiber network information offsite using mobile devices
  • Save time and money by making processes faster and more efficient
  • Improve the quality of your fiber network documentation
  • Fewer errors by reducing the number of steps when reporting back to the office

Key features

  • Responsive interface
  • Platform independent (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.)
  • Geographical view
  • Schematic view
  • Objects and attributes
  • Advanced search functions
  • Updates in the field
  • Offline work option
  • User and permission management
  • Https protocol and 2-step-authorization
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