Key features

  • Complete, web-based asset documentation for water, wastewater and signal networks in a single solution
  • All information accessible in a single, unified database
  • Administrator-driven design regarding selection of objects used in the network model, maps and user privileges/authority
  • Customize user configurations regarding menus, maps, search functions and other parameters
  • Scalable and upgradable to add modules for calculation, planning, maintenance and operation/interruption management
  • Combine different kind of maps, raster and vector graphics and orthophoto with the network information map
  • Network risk management
  • Import and display of CCTV inspections.
  • Complete web-based registration of all network objects
  • Topology for water and wastewater network
  • Automatic quality test and post algorithms ensure high-quality documentation
  • Identify location of closest stop valve and affected customers using built up topology
  • Complete lifecycle documentation using state management
  • Redline capability to support new or occasional users
  • Standard reports with simple export in formats such as Excel and PDF
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