Demonstrate the value of your network with a Digital Twin

For every stakeholder of a fibre network, its value will at some point be in focus. This can be during discussions with investors, in due diligence processes, or for just wanting to know the revenue – for whatever reason, to have a correct estimation of your network is to your advantage. With correctly collated data, you will always be able to demonstrate not only what you have now, but also where the network might be in the future.

The network numbers

When compiling the network numbers, start by looking at how much you already have invested. You need to look at the infrastructure of the network, and what capacity it holds in its current state. Other interesting numbers are how many customers you have, and if you deliver to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) you have signed. Also worth knowing is the revenue of now, and what future capacity there is.   

Homes connected and homes passed

Often involved when discussing the value of a network, homes connected and homes passed are addressed. It is easy to think that if there are homes passed in an area where you already provide fiber, these homes should easily be connected. But what really is “homes passed”? Are they homes that you have enough fibre capacity to connect tomorrow? If so, you can add them to the potential revenue. Otherwise, it might cost a lot to get these homes connected.

The potential to further develop your network

To expand your network, the geographic location is to consider, and what options there are in that area. Should the network be in an urban area, there might be opportunities to utilize existing assets and/or street furniture. Should the network be in rural areas, there may be environmental impacts to consider. You also need to know what other networks that are offered in the area, if these are competitors or potential acquisitions.

How to future-proof your network

A future-proof network is worth more than one that is not. There are numerous things to consider, such as if a further development of the network will be smooth and not require too much investment. The capacity for further connections and more bandwidth will meet future demands of the public. This will increase the value of your network. 

Efficiency in network processes

A fibre network must be maintained to keep the efficiency of the operation. To optimize your service, planning for maintenance is part of avoiding breakages and outages. You need to know who will perform maintenance, and how much it will cost. With mobile solutions, which help your field engineers, and advanced customer communication as well as outage management, you can trust that the network processes will be conducted in the most efficient manner.

Collate the data of your network with a Digital Twin

With a Network Information System (NIS), you can compile all data needed for the network. This data creates a Digital Twin, which will reflect the facts, figures and numbers regarding your business. It shows what you have invested in, how old or new it is, and what capacity is has. From the age and lifespan of your cables to the condition that the cables are in. You will be able to show where your network is, how it is connected, who the end-customer is, and how much committed uptime they have. Moreover, you will show how the network is built, and if it lives up to the Service Level Agreements that you have signed. This allows for an understanding of investments, outgoings and incomes – the Digital Twin shows the value of your network.  

Find out how Digpro’s system dpCom, which is developed for telecom and fibre, will help you to create a Digital Twin. 

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