Creativity and joy during Digpro Hackdays

Digpro Hackdays is a two-day event, during which members from the R&D team try out their own ideas and proposals. Emma Lundberg, Manager R&D, relays how it works.
“The last couple of months, our team members have had access to a digital planning board, on which they have added their ideas and proposals.

Emma Lundberg
Emma Lundberg encourages her developers to take innovating approaches to programming.

They have signed in to the proposals they have been interested in pursuing, and also had an overview of what other team members are attracted to. Hence, teams, which have further developed the ideas, have been created. This increases the engagement here at Digpro, since our developers get an allocated space to discuss ideas, try different angles, and enhance their knowledge. In the long run, this increases the overall job satisfaction.”

Emil Plynning, Fullstack Developer, says that the projects promote technical innovation, and is pleased with the days.
“Digpro Hackdays allow us to try programming and solutions we really learn from. I created a new web client, which can read dpSpatial-data via a Web Feature Service (WFS), and present this data in a map as well as in text. It is a somewhat simplified version of a web map, in a new framework. I have managed to construct drawings of the net, as well as fetching or presenting the object attribute, thus fulfilling what I set out to do.”

Emil Plynning, Fredrik Berntsson and Lukas Mattsson
Emil Plynning, in the middle, discusses with his colleagues Fredrik Berntsson to the left, and Lukas Mattsson to the right.

Emil appreciated Digpro Hackdays, since it is of great value to work with something that can be put into practice in the future, even if it currently is not connected to a product or project.
“I really appreciate some variation in what I work with”, he concludes.

Allan Nouri, dpCom Developer, tells us about his Digpro Hackdays.
“In the lobby at the Stockholm office, we have a map of Sweden, which has LEDs for each of our customers. The LEDs shine and blink according to a predefined program. My team worked on making this map further adaptable, so that a person or a program will be able to control the LEDs. How they shine, blink, and so forth. The idea is that the LEDs are to be controlled by a web client, or via a smart phone app. The joy when we first managed to light up the LEDs for the first time by entering the customer map, and clicking the designated button for a specific customer, was indescribable.”

Allan Nouri and Mikael Stener
Allan Nouri and his team spent the first day sorting out technical difficulties, only to establish the foundation which allows them to control the LEDs. Here together with Mikael Stener, who also was part of the team.

Like Emil, Allan maintains that it is great to spend time on projects that are somewhat outside of the Digpro core business.
“I am educated in built-in software, so I have previous experience in the Internet-of-Things. Digpro Hackdays was bit of a nostalgic trip. Even if I feel as if I am banging my head against a wall when nothing seems to work, I feel like a happy child when I work on this project. It is oh-so-convenient that Christmas is close – I have felt as excited as a child on Christmas morning.”

Allan Nouri
Allan Nouri appreciated Digpro Hackdays.

The Digpro Hackdays were held in the middle of December, aiming to release creativity, promote innovation, as well as promoting teamwork and job satisfaction. Do you want to know more about what it is like to work at Digpro? Visit our career pages.



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