Digpro and NetPMD enter partnership

Digpro announces a new partnership with NetPMD, a leading provider of fibre network design and integration solutions. NetPMD is based in the UK, and has a global presence. With experts in project feasibility, project management, fibre network design and fibre network installation and integration, NetPMD intends to use Digpro’s dpCom, a software which is developed for telecom, for their professional services. dpCom supports fibre network providers during the full lifecycle of the network: from planning and design, to operation and maintenance. It also comes with business processes, project management tools, mobile solutions and features for customer communication. With the global demand for digital connectivity, and an increasing interest in fibre network investment, NetPMD and Digpro can together meet these challenges.

Jonas Vestin, Group CEO at Digpro, is delighted about the partnership. “NetPMD is a strong provider of design services, and their experts know how important powerful software is. They appreciate getting it right Jonas Vestinfrom the early stages of planning and designing, and to deliver great projects, ready to be followed through to operating and maintaining supported by one single system. We appreciate that NetPMD together with Digpro are able to scale their services and meet the high demands of network operators and ISPs. It is also a matter of running a sustainable business for years to come”. Digpro will support NetPMD to reinforce the commitment of providing innovative fibre design solutions that help organisations and communities achieve their goals. Speed and quality are keys to reaching a connected network in an efficient manner.

About NetPMD
NetPMD is a fibre network design company who design, install, and integrate fibre networks. Their ethos is to enable smart cities and communities to operate optimally in the modern world, partnering with community stakeholders to bring faster speeds, bigger bandwidth, and greater technology integration to whole cities, exploiting GPON and point-to-point technologies. Based in the UK but operating globally, they provide independent project management and design expertise to help network operators and ISPs to close the digital divide across all regions. Since inception, NetPMD have designed over 20 cities, passed over one million homes and designed over 27,000 constriction miles.

About Digpro
Digpro develops software products and solutions for the most vital utilities of society: telecom, electricity, heating and cooling, gas, and water. Based on our purpose-built, advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) and 30 years experience, Digpro’s products support the lifecycle of utility networks. This includes planning and designing, building, operating and maintaining the network. With the products, a Digital Twin can be created, which gives a representation of the actual network. Diligent support for business processes and documentation allows network owners and operators to take full control of their networks. Digpro furthermore has extensive experience in providing services for implementation, data migration, training, and support.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact Joel Pirard, Vice President Sales Telecom.


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