Digpro establishes a company in Norway

Digpro is pleased to announce the establishment of the company Digpro Norge AS in Norway. Digpro has been active on the Norwegian market for many years and has won several customers with its product dpPower, a Network Information System (NIS) for electric distribution networks. The system supports all the stages of a network lifecycle: from planning and design, to operation and maintenance.

Jonas Vestin

Jonas Vestin, Group CEO at Digpro, is delighted. “With several loyal customer in Norway, we have proven that there is a demand for Digpro’s products. The establishment of Digpro Norge AS is a natural step that will further drive our presence. There is one thing having a system that builds on more than 30 years of experience – but to really make it worthwhile, the system must be set up to work according to the need of a market, and of the individual customer.”

Frode Gundersen, who has been Digpro’s Customer Manager for Norwegian electric network companies, has been appointed CEO of Digpro Norge AS. He has several years’ experience from the electricity market, primarily withing power and grid.


“I am honored and proud for this opportunity”, Frode confirms. “We have several customers using dpPower in Norway, and I am the first point of contact for them. The work tasks have ranged from simple to complex questions, getting small and large adaptions made to the dpPower application, and helping our customers when meeting existing and future demands placed on network companies by public bodies. My focus as CEO for Digpro Norge AS is above all the Norwegian customers, the Norwegian market as a whole, and to bring in excellent results for everyone involved.”

Digpro Norge AS is based in Oslo, and the main focus is to continue to support network owners in the electric distribution market. Digpro also has products for telecom, water, gas and heating, all using the same advanced platform. For further information about Digpro Norge AS, do not hesitate to contact Jonas Vestin and/or Frode Gundersen.

About Digpro

Digpro develops software products and solutions for the most vital utilities of society: telecom, electricity, heating and cooling, gas, and water. Based on our purpose-built, advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) and 30 years experience, Digpro’s products support the lifecycle of utility networks. This includes planning and designing, building, operating and maintaining the network. With the products, a Digital Twin can be created, which gives a representation of the actual network. Diligent support for business processes and documentation allows network owners and operators to take full control of their networks. Digpro furthermore has extensive experience in providing services for implementation, data migration, training, and support.

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