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Digpro introduces Digpro FIX to international markets

At the BUGLAS Fiber Snack meeting for German Independent Network operators, Thomas Stolpe, Regional Manager at Digpro, and Anders Hellermark, SVP at Digpro, presented the benefits of Digpro Fiber Infrastructure Exchange (FIX), a software platform for the trading of fiber assets. Digpro FIX comprises of clearly defined fiber products, agreements, the geographical location of the products, and a workflow for closing deals and creating contracts.

“Digpro FIX allows network owners to rent out assets in an easy manner, based on standardized products. Operators interested in complementing their network can find assets at the location they need. The market for assets becomes transparent and efficient, and thereby improves the fiber coverage”, says Anders Hellermark. “Digpro FIX creates an efficient wholesale market for fiber assets, and we know from our experience in Sweden that this delivers significant value to both sellers and buyers of fiber assets. We are now offering the German market these opportunities.”

Wolfgang Heer, Managing Director BUGLAS, agrees that Digpro FIX will be beneficial on the German telecommunication market. “Open access platforms, where network owners and operators can easily exchange wholesale products, are one of the key prerequisites for permanently increasing network utilization. This also improves the cost-effectiveness of the infrastructure in the highly competitive German telecommunications market”, he states. “We are therefore pleased to, together with Digpro, present, a technical solution for the sale of passive and active wholesale products to our members. We are convinced that in Germany, we will benefit from Digpro’s experience in establishing a digital marketplace in Sweden.”

Digpro FIX was introduced to The Swedish Local Fiber Alliance in 2014 and has since been continuously developed. As an exchange solution for fiber assets, Digpro FIX is now available internationally. For further information on how Digpro FIX can help to expand your network business, do not hesitate to contact Anders Hellermark


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