Digpro welcomes Skövde Energi as a new customer

Skövde Energi is a municipal company owned by Skövde Stadshus AB. Their mission includes producing environmentally friendly electricity and district heating in the Skövde municipality. Skövde Energi will use dpCom, dpPower, and dpHeating from Digpro’s Network Information System (NIS) in their future work. Mattias Karlsson, Business Area Manager for Electricity Networks at Skövde Energi, explains why they chose Digpro as digital support for their operations.

“We wanted to procure a common NIS that could work for electricity and district heating, as well as fiber and streetlights within the municipal group. To find the right solution, we developed a comprehensive specification of requirements. It was important to find a modern system, in which all involved parties can work efficiently towards the same database. One requirement was to avoid duplicate work in multiple systems. Another was to avoid dealing with modules that are not compatible with each other. An important aspect was also the possibility of adding complementary modules, such as Meter Integration, and ensuring that our future system supplier has a strong development organization to continue improving their system and customer offering.”

Skövde Energi AB, like many other energy companies, has transitioned from being a maintenance-oriented company to one of profound growth.

“Us and our customers alike are adapting our operations at an increasingly rapid pace,” continues Mattias. “To keep up, we need to digitize our work processes, and focus more on database-driven analysis. We hope that Digpro’s NIS will help us work more efficiently, and support collaboration between different parts of the company. We expect Digpro to contribute with best practices and their expertise so that we can maximize the benefits of our new system.”

Hans Asplund, Sales Manager at Digpro, is grateful for the trust Digpro has received.

“Our NIS consolidates all data into one system. Therefore, everyone working with it can have the same processes and routines. This streamlines operations, and it truly helps when everyone sees the same information. Additionally, we have a long tradition of developing the system according to customers’ requirements and wishes,” says Hans. “I am confident that we have a long and successful partnership to look forward to.”

“An intense year with the implementation project commences now. It will be a learning process to find more efficient ways of working, ensure the quality of our data, and work closer together. In addition to changing systems, we are facing a journey of change in how we work,” concludes Mattias.

Would you like to know more about how Digpro NIS supports fiber, electricity, district heating, as well as water and gas? Email Hans Asplund, or book a demo with one of our experts.

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