Elvenett AS and Midtnett AS will use dpPower as digital support for their electricity distribution

Elvenett AS and Midtnett AS, both electricity providers in Norway, have selected dpPower to be their new Network Information System (NIS). Elvenett has over 10 000 customers in the Øvre Eiker municipality. Midtnett provides electricity for 20 000 customers in the municipalities of Flesberg, Modum and Sigdal.

Elvenett and Midtnett provide electricity to neighboring grid areas, and work together in a host of ways. To get a joint NIS was a natural step to continue this collaboration. This in order to support each other when planning and designing, building, operating and maintaining their respective electrical networks.
“We are all very pleased to start using dpPower”, Bjørg Hvidsten, Daglig leder (CEO) at Midtnett confirms. “The system we have now is on its way out. This since we need a modern system, one that can be the heart of our organization. Everything is about the grid, and the organizing and development related to it. To provide an excellent service, everything related to the grid has to be in meticulous order. dpPower was the system that best met our requirements. It is about thinking and using a NIS in a modern way. Everything related to our electrical network has to be executed in a smart manner, and dpPower has great solutions and tools for this.”

Hans Asplund, Sales Manager at Digpro, is pleased about the deal, which includes the software for dpPower and a SaaS solution.

“It is exciting to implement two identical solutions, one for Elvenett and one for Midtnett, and I trust that it will succeed. With dpPower, they will have the same digital solutions for documentation, operation, project management, design, maintenance, network calculations and analyses, and much more. I am so happy to be part of this. We are gaining market shares in Norway, and dpPower is fully adapted to meet the Norwegian market”, states Hans Asplund.

The deal with Digpro, Elvenett and Midtnett was signed digitally. To the left is Jonas Jacobsson, Deputy CEO and Vice President (VP) Sales at Digpro. In the top corner is Bjørg Hvidsten, Daglig leder (CEO) at Midtnett AS. In the right corner, Hans Asplund, Key Account Sales Manager Digpro. Together at the office at Elvenett AS are Arne Hanto Moen, Daglig leder (CEO), and Kjell Gislerud, Prosjektleder (project manager).

Elvenett and Midtnett are having a start-up session this week. In August, the data migration from the current system will commence. By May next year, dpPower is expected to be in full use for Elvenett and Midtnett.

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