The Enefit office against blue night sky

Enefit Connect chooses dpCom for fiber network lifecycle support in Estonia

Enefit Connect is a subsidiary of Eesti Energia that develops and manages various networks: power grids, high-speed internet network, a modern electric car charging network and a large part of Estonian street lighting. Their mission is also to provide digital connectivity for households and businesses, by providing superfast optic fiber in Estonia. Enefit Connect has now chosen Digpro’s software product dpCom to support the full lifecycle of their fiber network.

“This is a great opportunity for us to contribute significantly for our country”, says Ardi Ratassepp, Member of the Management Board of Enefit Connect. “We are setting the standard on how a fiber network should be rolled out in the best possible way. Our network supports superfast speed – 1000 Mbits per second, and we favour true competition on the fixed broadband market in Estonia. Our network is equally open to all service providers and the customer has the freedom of choice. In order to ensure quality during the whole customer journey, we need to take complete control of our fiber network. Therefore, dpCom was our preferred choice.”


Headshots of Ardi Ratassepp and Joel Pirard
Ardi Ratassepp, to the left, and Joel Pirard, to the right, are both pleased to be working together.

Joel Pirard, Senior Sales Manager at Digpro, shares this view: “We are so pleased to support Enefit Connect during all the different processes a fiber provider needs to be on top of. For a strong and reliable fiber network, meticulous documentation is a must. With dpCom, you commence the documentation with the planning and design. Then, you track the rollout, still keeping documentation a vital part of this process. Once the fiber network is in operation, maintenance is equally important. With all the data in place, you have your Digital Twin – and this will make Enefit Connect a reliable fiber network owner.”

Enefit Connect started its operation as part of the Enefit (Eesti Energia) group on 1 January 2021. From December 2021, dpCom, a product developed for the full lifecycle of fiber networks, will be part of the planning, designing, operation and maintenance when providing Estonia with superfast, optic fiber. For further information about dpCom, please contact Joel Pirard.


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