Former students inspire for summer work at Digpro

Summer at Digpro does indeed mean holiday for many employees, but also a chance for ambitious university students who wants to put their academic knowledge into practice.

Linnea Eriksson and William Ljungström Armah both study to become civil engineers with focus on geographic IT at The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. Linnea has written her Bachelor’s thesis in collaboration with Trafikverket. William has written his whilst based in Ghana, sponsored by SIDA. Both have two years left of their education, and applied to work at Digpro during the summer break.

”This is my second summer at Digpro, and I have done some extra work during the autumn as well”, William relays. “Digpro is a big name in GIS in Sweden, and has a great reputation as an employer.” 
“For me, it is my first summer”, says Linnea. “I have heard from students who have worked here previously, William included, that it is a great workplace for students. We have mentors that support us, the hours are flexible, and there is such a lovely and positive atmosphere at the company.”

The days at Digpro are mainly spent working to improve the application. Customer requirements are the base for the improvements, which Linnea and William both appreciate.

”The responsiveness to the customers is so important”, William states. “One day, I wish to work with critical infrastructure, and excellent digital solutions are greatly needed.”
”Some problems that we are working with can be a tad challenging, but it makes it all the more rewarding to solve them”, Linnea continues. “Our mentors also started as summer workers at Digpro, and provide the perfect balance of personal responsibility and support. We can develop as programmers, whilst being safe in our designated roles.”

As well as working, the summer workers organize barbeque parties at the Digpro terrace, enjoy Swedish fika and pool tournaments. After a few more weeks of work, both Linnea and William will have well-deserved holidays. And then, they are off back to The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

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