Highlights Release 9.0

Release 9.0 comes with more than one hundred customer-requested enhancements and new features since last release. Everything focusing on building powerful and efficient support for our customers’ business processes.

Major enhancements to the Digpro solution in version 9.0 include:

  • A completely new module named WorkPlanner. The new module is within the Organizer space. It will make it possible to monitor the progress and plan project activities over time as well as the needed resources. It’s possible to follow your projects closely, leading to cost and efficiency increases. It’s a graphical tool where you can use drag and drop to move entire tasks or single activities.
  • We are very pleased to announce that dpHeating now has support for calculating drainage volume. This is s a long-awaited function for many customers. The function calculates the total volume that will flow out from a system when a specific pipe is cut and enables utilities to know about the total need for water conveyance in advance. Digpro is happy to help with populating line/pipe geometries with Z-values if they are not fully documented today.
  • We are launching a new way of how to integrate with Digpro’s products. This can now be done through a number of standardized interfaces. The interfaces are a set of REST-APIs. The REST technology is generally one of the most preferred ways of integration. REST-APIs leverage less bandwidth, making it suitable for different types of usage. In the API-repository we have +20 different messages at this stage.
  • In dpCom we have created a collection of reports that helps the user pinpoint the source of a fault in the network, e.g. a cut cable or a broken street cabinet. The input consists of error reports from customers and/or from a monitoring system. The result is shown as a heatmap as well as a list of objects.
  • We have done a number of important enhancements in the area of security. This will make our solutions safer and we recommend therefore all customers to upgrade to 9.0.

The full release notes will soon be available on our website.

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