Joel Pirard appointed Vice President Sales Telecom

Joel Pirard, previously Senior Sales Manager at Digpro, is now Vice President Sales Telecom. Joel will focus on new and existing customers in the altnets and telecom market, both nationally and internationally. With extensive experience in the telecom market, both from his ten years at Digpro, and previous positions in the area, Joel is excited about his new role.
“The way we do things is changing, and it is exciting to be part of this journey”, he confirms. “Traditionally, the phases of a fiber network are documented in different systems. Thereby, different people in an organization will work separately from each other. With dpCom, all functions needed for all phases of a network are collated into one system. The status of the fiber network is visible for everyone. This creates coherency and an understanding for everyone working with the network. It also allows for an understanding of what is going on in the fiber network, whether it is during the process of planning, designing, building or maintaining. Today, fiber is an important part of modern life, a service that it is really hard to be without. As a fiber network provider, knowing your network is vital when providing a good service. Additionally, you will also know what it is worth.”

During the autumn, Joel will participate at Connected Britain in London. Whilst in the United Kingdom, he will also visit customers, and those who are considering using Digpro’s product as part of their fiber business. He will also hold a presentation at the INCA conference 16 – 17 November in Liverpool. Time is also allocated for participating at the Höstforum, a conference organized by the Swedish Fibre Alliance (SSNF).

Read Joel’s blog Five reasons why you should move from GIS to NIS about how a NIS supports utility networks. Should you wish to learn about what a Digital Twin can do for your network, contact



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