Nettalliansen selects dpPower for their 25 power grid companies

Nettalliansen, an association of 25 small and medium-sized power grid companies in Norway, has decided to use dpPower as their Network Information System (NIS) for electricity distribution. The contract was signed at the Nettalliansen headquarters in Oslo earlier this week, and is the beginning of the endeavor to provide their power grid companies with a highly scalable technical platform. 

“We are delighted that Nettalliansen has decided to use dpPower”, says Jonas Jacobsson, Vice President at Digpro. “dpPower is a NIS which is successfully used in a number of countries in the world. The advantages the users get from collating all data into one system has over and over again proved invaluable. Our users work from the broader perspectives, such as business processes, project management, customer communication and mobility, to the details of, for example, smart meters.” 

Digpro has products for a host of utilities, and dpPower, which serves the electric distribution market, has been developed for over 30 years. 

“We already have several engaged customers in Norway”, Jonas Jacobsson continues. “This is a huge leap which proves that Digpro is building a solid foundation in Norway. dpPower will be further developed to work according to the needs of the Norwegian market as a whole, and for the individual requests of Nettalliansen.”  

Frode Gundersen, CEO of Digpro Norge AS, is also pleased about the contract. 

“This proves that we are growing stronger on the Norwegian market”, Frode Gundersen confirms. “dpPower will add quality for users and their end-customers. My focus is above all our Norwegian customers, and I am convinced that this will be great for both Nettalliansen and Digpro.” 

The implementation of dpPower at Nettalliansen has already commenced, and everyone is working with the initiating phase of the project. Following soon, there will be an implementation process, similar for all the power grid companies. 

Maria Rodahl Johansen, CEO at Nettalliansen, shares the excitement. “With all members of Nettalliansen using the same technical platform, quality control for everyone involved will be ensured – this from stakeholders and owners to inhouse staff and field engineers. After a diligent evaluation of several systems, we are now looking forward to starting the projects. I am trusting that we will have excellent results”.

From left to right: Arnfinn Flo Project Manager at Nettalliansen, Frode Gundersen CEO at Digro Norge AS, Jonas Jacobsson Vice President at Digpro, Maria Rodahl Johansen CEO at Nettalliansen, Hans Asplund Key Account Manager at Digpro, Hans Ørjasæter Network Manager  at Nettalliansen, Gunnar Bell Purchasing and Administration Manager at Nettalliansen.


About Nettalliansen

Nettalliansen AS is an alliance of small and medium-sized power grid companies in Norway. Together we establish an industry solution that covers the IT needs of a modern and efficient power grid company. We lay the foundations for shared services, standardized work processes and cross-functional collaboration. This contributes both to increased efficiency and reduced vulnerability for each individual alliance company. Nettalliansen AS was established by 8 power grid companies in 2009 and today consists of 25 small and medium-sized companies. In total, we have close to 180,000 customers and 800 employees.

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