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New modules and improved functionalities in Digpro 9.6 release

With this imminent release, Digpro continues to support business processes for the most vital parts of our society: power, water, gas, telecom and heating. Two new modules are introduced, dpWebmap Offline and dpWebmap Operator, which add advanced functions to the appreciated dpWebmap, Digpro’s product for field work. Also included are over a hundred customer-requested enhancements, improvements in a host of functionalities and much more. 

Magnus Sjökvist, Head of Product Manager at Digpro, is exceptionally proud:

“It is a very strong release, with new modules and a number of enhancements. I would like to highlight the two new modules, dpWebmap Offline and dpWebmap Operator. I trust that they will support our customers and field engineers in their everyday duties, as well as contributing to the need for correct documentation.”


Support for field engineers whilst without internet access

The new module dpWebmap Offline allows field engineers to work with Organizer Webmap and Maintainer Webmap in areas where there is limited or no internet access. The mobile client dpWebmap provides a digital map and additional information required for performing planned as well as unplanned tasks. With dpWebmap Offline, the field engineers get full support for maintenance work whilst without internet access. There is also support for updating the required documentation. The changes are seamlessly synchronized with the Digpro server once the field engineer is back online.


Reduce interruption times

Release 9.6 also introduces dpWebmap Operator, a module which supports field engineers when dealing with power outages directly from the field. This module directs field engineers to where a problem has occurred, allowing them to verify issues and update operation orders. When a problem is solved, it can be documented there and then. The process is digitally managed, preventing the risk quality reduction due to manual data input. dpWebmap Operator also focuses on security issues, as it allows for inhouse staff to follow the field engineer in real time.


Magnus Sjökvist, Head of Product Manager at Digpro, is delighted that his diligent team delivers new modules and high quality improvements during the confinement.


“As well as this”, Magnus Sjökvist continues, “We have improved our user interface and authentication method, and so much in our utilities, modules and functionalities. Again, we prove that our products provide important and detailed data for network infrastructure, supporting our customers to have complete control of their networks.”

Digpro Release 9.6 is available now. Further information is found here

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