The new generation of programmers spread their wings at Digpro

Many of Digpro employees began their careers here as summer workers whilst completing their education. This year, Digpro welcomes sixteen university students, who on a scorching hot summer day meet up at the office roof terrace. But missing out on swimming, sunbathing and eating ice cream does not concern our young and ambitious summer workers. They choose to spend their days programming, to learn more about data technology outside of the academic walls.

Summer workers 2021
Our summer workers are chatting and laughing during a break from programming.

Programming supported by mentors

Albin Öberg, who studies Industrial economics and business at Linköping University, got his job at Digpro via a contact who already works here.

Albin Oberg

“I wanted to do something in line with my education. During the summer, I will work here for six weeks. In the autumn, I will complete a double master in South Korea or San Diego. I might get a week off before I leave”, he beams.

At Digpro, Albin works as a developer in the dpCom group.

”Currently, I solve bugs and write loops”, he says. “It is really exciting to think outside of the academic patterns. As soon as I have corrected a bug, or written some code, the dpCom experts scrutinize it. They give me a lot of valuable feedback.”



Maria Moliteus studies computer science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. This autumn, she will commence her third year. Before that, she will spend four weeks as programmer in the dpPower group. She fixes bugs and writes java code.

Maria Molieus

”My friend worked at Digpro last summer, and decided to apply for a position this summer as well. She advised me to do the same, and both of us were accepted”, Maria relays. “When I started at KTH, I was new to programming. This is a great opportunity to develop my current skills, as well as learning new ones. Every time I compile great code, my confidence grows”.


A future with choices

The future for computer engineers is bright, but for Albin and Maria, employment is about more than a steady income. Albin means that he is mainly after a position and an employer where he will be happy.

“I want to look forward to going to work on a Monday morning”, he states without hesitation. “I am also aware of the environment and sustainability. The optimal position for me would be one where I contribute to a better world, at the same time as I support myself”.

Maria thinks that computer science is a vast area, with numerous opportunities.

“I am openminded and want to try as much as possible. At the moment, I am inquisitive about databases and UX-design. Nevertheless, where I end up in the future, it has to in a context which tally with my ethical values. And it has to be for a good cause”, she concludes.

Combining work with fun

After work, they will gather outside on the roof terrasse again. The summer evening invites for a barbeque, one of many traditional after works at Digpro. The temperature in Stockholm is up to 26 degrees. With huge smiles on their faces, they go back to their desks for an afternoon of programming.

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