Working at Digpro – Daniel Kristensen, System Architect and Senior Developer

Daniel Kristensen is a System Architect and Senior Developer at Digpro, a role he previously held from 2006 until 2012. After a detour in finance IT, he was contacted by Bo Lundgren, Digpro’s founder and then CEO, who told him that Digpro was planning to expand the already commenced international initiative. To be part of this, Daniel returned to Digpro in 2019. In his position as a System Architect, Daniel has responsibilities within Digpro’s system performance and security. As Senior Developer, Daniel develops functions for the system, and also focuses on integration. He also advises regarding technical matters. Here, he tells us about working life at Digpro.

Daniel Kristensen
Daniel Kristensen

”Our system is already established in Sweden, but greatly needed everywhere that critical society infrastructure is available. When I learned that Digpro was expanding internationally, I decided to return. Back at Digpro, it was the same, good atmosphere, and since growing as a company, many new faces. Since Digpro nowadays is a larger company, we work in more structured manners, and new departments have been implemented. We work within broad and important areas, in great businesses. Developing a system for electricity, fiber, water, gas and heating automatically creates a lot of possibilities. So many interesting functions are needed, evaluated, planned and executed. Our system supports the full lifecycle of networks: planning, designing, building, operation and maintenance. Additionally, there is support for business processes and project planning – to say the least, it is a comprehensive system. For me, that is what makes it interesting, and at the same time, challenging. Suffice to say, at Digpro, everyone is supportive and helpful. It has always been so.

I enjoy that our products really are important, and help both our customers and end-users.

At the time of writing, I am helping a customer from Wales to import data from Ordnance Survey. This customer is about to start using dpCom for their fiber network, and I am responsible for the integration. The customer must trust that all data is imported correctly. Whilst importing the data, I also scrutinize our own integration processes. Many companies have data scattered in different systems, and come to realize how much easier it is to have all data collated in one system. When we offer smooth and safe processes for integration, we offer a better service for our customers. This is valuable for everyone, in short and long run.

I also work with an integration for a Swedish customer, who is a long-time user of dpCom. This customer has entrepreneurs who are starting to use dpWebmap, our product for mobility. With dpWebmap, the customer can access all their data outside of the office walls, and execute relevant updates in the field, in real-time. Additionally, I work with improving our REST-API and support for webhooks. This to further improve our integration processes. A lot is going on in the areas we work for and with. In the electricity sector, smart electric meters are developed, as well as new electric distribution networks, solar power and electric vehicles. In the fiber sector, the constant need for fast and reliable digital connection is a fact. I enjoy that our products really are important, and help both our customers and end-users.

Daniel Kristensen and team dpDay
Daniel, furthest to the right, his team and their somewhat tilting spaghetti tower during dpDay in Stockholm.

There is the glory of what we call ‘the Digpro way’: We solve problems, we help our customers and each other. It is a beneficial culture, further enhanced with interesting conferences and fun activities. In the autumn, we are off to Gdansk, where we will spend time with our Polish colleagues. But before that, I have the whole summer, initiated by two weeks trekking in the Italian Dolomites, to look forward to.”

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