Digpro Group acquires Evado

Digpro develops IT systems for critical infrastructure in areas such as telecom, energy, water, gas, and heating, and has a strong presence both in Sweden and internationally. To strengthen its portfolio, Digpro is now acquiring Evado, a company which develops applications and digital technology for energy companies and municipal organizations. The two companies will benefit from each other’s products, work areas, and expertise, particularly in their shared efforts to develop strategies for a green and sustainable future.

Evado’s mobile solutions, targeted at both energy companies and end customers in the Swedish market, will further strengthen Digpro’s endeavour to lead in the energy transition.

“Currently, a lot is happening on the energy market. Evado’s solutions align perfectly with what we are striving for at Digpro,” says Jonas Jacobsson, Deputy CEO and VP Sales at Digpro. “Our solutions complement each other, and together we can accelerate the energy transition by offering a more comprehensive solution.”

“We are very much looking forward to becoming part of Digpro, as we will enter a larger context,” says Rickard Hellgren, CEO at Evado.

“We have strength in our mobile applications that will work well with Digpro’s products, and we share the same passion for customer-oriented innovations. I am convinced that the merge will be successful. It will provide our customers with a solid product portfolio, adjusted to meet tomorrow’s challenges.”

Evado’s solutions will be integrated into Digpro’s network information system (NIS), and also continue to be offered as standalone products.

“The acquisition is another step in Digpro’s strong growth, both in Sweden and internationally,” states Jonas Vestin, Group CEO at Digpro.

Digpro Evado acquisition
Jonas Vestin, Rickard Hellgren and Jonas Jacobsson

About Digpro
Digpro develops software products and solutions for critical infrastructure: telecom, electricity, district heating and cooling, gas, and water. Based on 30 years of experience, our products are tailored for the entire lifecycle of the network. With support for planning, designing, building, deployment, and maintaining, network owners gain full control over their networks.

About Evado

Evado offers mobile solutions and digital business, as well as operational development for energy companies, municipalities, and municipal operations. Our products are primarily used in the areas of energy, water, waste, and heating. Our mission is to help our customers meet the future.

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