Focus on the energy transition and security

In Release 10.8, our primary focus has been on delivering enhanced capabilities for the energy transition, security, and user experience.

The ongoing energy transition

The world is challenged with the transition to fossil-free energy production and consumption, whilst addressing the challenges of existing electricity distribution networks. Therefore, dpPower customers are prioritizing efforts related to the energy transition, now and for years to come.

Magnus Sjoberg

“Release 10.8 highlights the importance of using existing infrastructure more efficiently, this to meet local as well as global goals of clean energy”, states Magnus Sjökvist, Head of Product Management at Digpro. “dpPower offers tools to optimize the use of current electricity networks. This by analysing the electricity network, thus being able to balance production and consumption. This not only prevents for overload, but also avoids having to build new electricity networks.”

In dpPower, the Digital Twin is used for real-time analysis and forecasting, emphasizing the significance of short- and mid-term forecasting in managing energy volatility. In Release 10.8, the documentation for Distributed Energy Resources (DER) for batteries is also enhanced. Additionally, the electricity network calculation has new and more advance execution possibilities.

New module for better security

The very critical issue IT security is addressed with a new module, Organizer – Object Security. This module allows for users to establish permission categories at object level within Organizer.

“These categories can then be assigned to individual Organizer objects. This functionality provides precise control over access rights, enabling users to restrict visibility based on specific criteria”, explains Magnus. “This significantly improves data security and confidentiality.”

Organizer – Object Security is available for dpCom, dpPower, dpWater, dpGas, and dpHeating.

Improved user experience

To meet the valuable feedback received from our customers, the user experience is further improved. A comprehensive overhaul, incorporating new colors, icons, forms, and numerous minor tweaks across various sections, is now part of each application. These enhancements make Digpro’s products more user-friendly, intuitive, and visually appealing.

Release 10.8 is available from today, 7 May. Read the release highlights, and for the complete compilation, login to our support portal Topdesk.

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