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Quantum Fiber chooses dpCom for their continuous success

Quantum Fiber provides internet connection for small businesses and households in the UK. With a 100 percent fiber network, they serve end-users with dependable high-bandwidth for work, studies and leisure.

“This last year has proved how important high speed reliable broadband is to households and businesses”, comments Anders Hellermark, Senior Vice President at Digpro. “Quantum Fiber provides this, in a rapidly expanding network. To plan, build and operate the network, Quantum Fiber now has acquired Digpro’s software system dpCom. This will allow Quantum Fiber to build fast, yet maintaining a high quality of the network model. This is essential to provide a high service level for their customers.  With the Quantum Fiber network, office work and studying becomes something that you do, not a place where you are. The freedom for everyone increases. We are proud to support Quantum Fiber and their customers on this journey”.

Quantum Fiber empowers the digital need of today’s society, and helps numerous households to stay on-line. Learn more about dpCom in the blog The journey from traditional GIS to Digital Twin.

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