Reflections on Release 10.6

In Release 10.6, there is a strong focus on delivering solutions for two of today’s major trends: the energy transition and the digital transformation. Both are evident in the ability to use process automations for solar panel applications – this is where digitizing data from an electric network reduces manual work without compromising the quality of the outcome.

Successful collaboration for solar panel applications

Since last the release, the automated processes for solar panel applications are providing great support for Digpro’s customer E.ON. The popularity of using solar panels as a source of energy prompted numerous customers to apply for this. Consequently, the increased workload at E.ON caused long waiting times for the customers. The automated processes, which are now in operation, eased up for E.ON’s staff and customers. Magnus Sjökvist, Head of Product Management, is exceptionally proud of the result.

“I know that the power of process automation greatly enhances our customers’ ability to serve their customers more effectively. The application process for solar panels is reduced from around 5 weeks to around 5 minutes”, Magnus beams. “And albeit a successful result, the automated processes are not limited to solar panel applications. The automations can replace a host of manual scenarios. As long as the data in the utility network is correct, repetitive tasks can be automated.”

Magnus Sjökvist
Magnus Sjökvist praises the teams who worked for the strong release.

New and updated modules

The new module Time and Material Reporting (which provides detailed tracking and recording of work hours and material usage), and the updated dpCom Operator (for streamlining outages) are only a few examples of a release that promotes the energy transition and digital transformation. All new features, functions and modules add to a modern and compatible utility system.

Meeting international and local requirements

A number of important updates tailored for the Norwegian and UK markets are available with Release 10.6. All are facilitating alignments of local regulations and procedures. In Norway, Digpro keeps gaining new customers on the electricity market, and dpPower is adapted accordingly.

“We are pleased with our Norwegian development”, Magnus says. “And for the UK, the need for broadband opens plenty of business opportunities. Thus, dpCom is further targeted for this. Worth mentioning are the bolstered pre-planning capabilities. Combined with the already advanced lifecycle planning functionalities, fiber network owners and operators get outstanding support. Together with the new and innovative module dpCom Operator, which streamlines the management of planned and unplanned outages, dpCom is an incredibly compatible Network Information System (NIS).”

User experience (UX) enhancements

As in so many releases before, Release 10.6 introduces an array of UX improvements. Information is easier retrieved, and the navigation is more intuitive. These improvements are bound to elevate user satisfaction. Furthermore, some features can be controlled at both the user level and at a higher administrative level. Digpro Platform also enjoys technical improvements, adding to an overall very strong release.

Release 10.6 is available from today, 6 November. Read the release highlights, and for the complete compilation, login to our support portal Topdesk.

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