Release 10.4 allows for further optimization and automation

Digpro continues to create digital solutions for utility networks. Release 10.4 delivers refined functions and enhancement for networks who support critical infrastructure: telecom, power, water, gas and heating. Two new modules are introduced to the already advanced Network Information System (NIS), and substantial support for utility owners, whether in the planning and design phase, or in the maintenance phase, are improved and enhanced.

The Digital Twin, which already can be set up from many different perspectives, provides the ability to get a virtual representation of the complete utility network. This helps for short- mid- and long-term planning of network infrastructure, and gives a clear view of business processes.

“One of the major advantages of Digpro’s products and modules is that they support the complete lifecycle of the utility network”, states Magnus Sjökvist, Head of Product Management at Digpro. “The Digital Twin is important for both start-ups and established utility companies. Our customers span from rapidly developing fiber operators, who are digitalizing areas previously without broadband connection, to electricity providers who need to automize processes for solar power applications from end-customers. Our NIS allows for utility operators to collate all data in one system, for single or multi utility. And Release 10.4 has something for every customer.”

Magnus Sjökvist
Magnus Sjökvist, Head of Product Management is proud of his team and the advanced NIS Digpro offers utility network operators.

Further support for atomization of processes

The first version of Digpro Process Automation – Workflow Studio is now available. Workflow Studio is an interface where processes are modelled graphically using Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN). This helps stakeholders to better understand the flow of tasks, events, and decisions that make up the business processes.

“With this module, all business processes in the organization can be optimized, improved and finally automated”, says Magnus. “This is eminent for utility operators who want to reduce manual work, and not worry about human errors. Staff can spend their time working on more worthwhile tasks, trusting that the business processes are set up to the best for the organization. This is invaluable for both start-ups and established utility providers.”

Improved communication for planned and unplanned outages

The new module dpCom Operator enhances the processes of planned and unplanned outages in dpCom. It includes support for communicating with affected end-customers, as well as allows for statistics to be compiled. In dpPower, the module Core Announcement, which already gives excellent support for customer communication, is further developed with a feature for resource management. This function is used internally, and gives the ability so send notifications to field engineers during an outage.

“The Digital Twin covers the full lifecycle of the network, and supports optimization and automation. It supports every utility network owner who chooses to digitalize their business, and provides excellent support for communication and mobility”, Magnus concludes.

Release 10.4 is available now. The Digpro Platform has also been further enhanced, the user experience improved, and security continuously developed. Read the release highlights, and for the complete compilation, login to our support portal Topdesk.


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