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Digpro welcomes Thomas Stolpe, new Regional Manager DACH

Digpro is proud to have recruited Thomas Stolpe, who will represent Digpro in Germany. Thomas has extensive experience in the German telecom market, where he has worked with sales and marketing for over 20 years. Thomas Stolpe’s primary goal is to establish Digpro’s presence in Germany, where the digitalization and fiber development is in constant focus.

The German Bundesregierung is currently endorsing a German Recovery Plan, which supports the digitalization of economy and infrastructure. This will lead to continuous development of fiber networks, and engages a number of companies to focus on the building and implementation of advanced digital solutions.
“It really is the right time to market in Germany”, Thomas confirms. “The fiber network systems are fairly complicated, and some companies work with the modernization of it in a somewhat old-fashioned manner. I know of a number of companies which do not have their data collated into one complete lifecycle. Instead, representatives work in different systems, with separate processes. There is no connectivity, and this induces the risks of things going wrong. Also, it enforces substantial manual work. Time and money can be saved when using one software system, which supports everyone and everything involved. It is time that we digitalize the way we work with our fiber network systems.”

Thomas has extensive experience in the telecom market, with several successful positions before setting up his own business as a broadband consultant and project manager. His experience in public gigabit planning and wholesales is much appreciated by his customers.

“I know the German market. I know the companies that are active, and I know their challenges”, Thomas says. “I chose to accept the position at Digpro since we have a unique software solution which will make a difference for fiber network providers. With Digpro’s software solutions, all the data can be collated into one system. This saves time and energy, reduces the risk of error and enhances the quality. I am truly excited to present this to the German market. Not only because it will make life easier for the fiber network providers – I also think about how important digital communication is. By providing communication channels, we bring people together. And I am really proud to be part of connecting people.”

Thomas Stolpe

Thomas Stolpe commences his position as Regional Manager in Germany on 17 May 2021, and will focus on introducing dpCom to the German market. dpCom is a software system designed for visualizing fiber networks.

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